Is AGM Mobile’s Glory G1S Rugged Phone Good For Businesses?

Is AGM Mobile’s Glory G1S Rugged Phone Good For Businesses?

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If you feel rugged mobile phones are a should for your kind of work, you may be happy there isn’t an unlimited choice. Even so, selecting one can still be a task.

Apart from anticipated functions like flashlights, walkie-talkie functions and a heavy armored feel, it’s actually the practical distinctions in between one rugged handset versus another that would drive your decision. This evaluation is of the AGM Glory GS1, initially offered to the U.S. market in January 2src22 The business, which I was not familiar with till this year, states they’ve been making rugged phones– and absolutely nothing else– for 10 years.

Is this phone loud enough for the outdoors? That depends upon your meaning of ‘loud’

While I’m no audio engineer, AGM appears to have actually set this phone’s 1 kHz acoustic wave frequency at a high setting. This is most likely what offers the impression of this phone having “fantastic volume”, which I’ve seen pointed out in other evaluations. A high 1 kHz setting is shown to much better for hearing individuals’s voices, in addition to bumping up the frequencies nearby to 1 kHz. I feel this was all made with intent, to produce the last impact of above-average volume in human voices on telephone call, Zooms, and so on. Eventually, ‘loud’ isn’t the word I ‘d utilize to identify the Glory G1S’s audio. More like crafted and marketed to individuals who require their clients’ or associates’ voices to sound ‘additional articulated’. If you require real volume– in a building and construction zone, for example– I ‘d still advise a volume-boosting app like 4TForLive’s Super Loud Speaker Booster. This isn’t an unfavorable review. Due to the fact that I recommend totally free volume booster apps for all brand names of Android phones, even LG’s last-gap phones which were marketed as “loud”, though to my ears, weren’t.

The thermal electronic camera has its usages

The thermal cam, which I checked, is something I think of would work. Mentioning this function, AGM’s news release states the phone compares well with sectors like “search and rescue, developing construction, pipes, insect management, health care, fire combating and other very first responders”. In my test, I took a photo of 2 portable coolants. One remained in my freezer for numerous days, the other was cooled for the exact same period of time. The thermal sensing unit revealed the temperature levels of both, in celsius initially, prior to I altered the default setting to farenheit. In the thermal color pattern, you’ll observe the phone took the temperature level of my kitchen area counter too, revealing it as 77.7 degrees. The frozen coolant and the cooled one read at 6.1 degrees, and 42.4 degrees, respectively.

Even if you work inside, you may still see positives in the basic sturdiness of rugged phones. Or if you tend to drop your phone a lot.

Pros of the Glory G1S

    • No requirement to purchase a different case
    • Latest MIL-STD-81 srcH military requirement to deal with severe conditions such as damp heat and frost
    • Conforms to IP68 water resistance
    • Reliable compass
    • Made to deal with T-Mobile and double SIM cards. Keep in mind: AGM states in the phone’s Quick Start Guide: “When placing 2 SIM cards, you can just select among the 2 SIM cards to utilize information services.”
    • Sony IMX 35 src infrared night vision cam. Keep in mind: Pics taken with the night vision video camera will constantly remain in black and white
    • Reprogrammable immediate side button. Keep in mind: AGM calls it the User Defined Key. It’s the walkie-talkie unless you alter it
    • Simple red laser tip for in-person discussions (or as a feline toy when you’re house)
    • Thermal electronic camera with readings. Keep in mind: This is not the like its night vision electronic camera. It’s in the center-back. Pictures come through in thermal colors
    • Almost absolutely no bloatware
    • Battery life hasn’t dissatisfied
    • The phone will aim to link to T-Mobile’s 5G network where it can

Cons of the Glory G1S

    • Surprisingly, there’s no OEM gallery app, for that reason you ‘d require to download something like Google’s Gallery app from the Play Store
    • Of the 4 Glory line versions, the Glory Gs1 has the lightest weight at 36 srcg or src.79 pounds, however still feels heavy. This will hold true with any rugged phone, even reasonably light-weight ones will have a heavy feel. It is the 2nd-most costly of the 4 variations.
    • The calculator app needs to be accessed by a 2-finger down swipe
    • Unsure if Android ‘power users’ will be impressed by the OEM’s defaults. Power users can constantly root at their own danger.
    • The optional charging dock for the G1S, while high quality, is the closest thing you’ll get to “cordless” charging. The OEM acknowledges the G1S has no real cordless charging

Dimensions: 6.8 ″ x 3.2 ″ x src.6 ″

Operating System: Android 11

Carrier: T-Mobile (United States)

Main Camera: Sony IMX 582, 4 lens, autofocus 48 MP

Night vision cam: 2srcMP with 1 infrared LED.

Thermal electronic camera: 256 ×192 resolution, 25 FPS frame rate

Screen size and resolution: 6.53″, 234 src x 1src8src (FHD+)

Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 55 srcsrcmAh

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Image: AGM Mobile

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