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business owner ecommerce resale entrepreneur

Whether you’re adding fresh stock to your online shop or beginning a brand-new business idea, these are the 12 most popular products selling on Shopify.

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  • Ecommerce platform Shopify noted the leading trending items selling online in 2020.
  • Top categories consist of products like workout equipment and jigsaw puzzles which have actually recently skyrocketed in demand throughout the coronavirus pandemic and international quarantines.
  • The list suggests that consumers are looking for items to improve their homes and at-home lifestyles.
  • Read on for the complete list of the 12 most popular products to offer online and pointers for marketing them.
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Shopify produced the list based on the leading trending categories on the platform from March 1 to July 31.

Beauty products took up the top 2 areas, as shoppers look for DIY techniques to indulge themselves.

12 Laptop skins

woman working on laptop

mediaphotos/Getty Images.

As Shopify reported, the popularity of laptop skins has seen random spikes over the years, though the most recent jump might be an outcome of the rise in remote employees and online students.

How to market: Laptop computer skins can quickly fit in with many various ecommerce organizations– you don’t have to be a technology or electronic devices organization to carry them.

11 Parlor game

Cheese suite board games

Emma Taylor/Insider.

Spending more time in the house usually indicates more time inside your home with family, roommates, and pals. Board games have seen an increase in need as people try to find fun methods to spruce up their nights and interact socially from their living rooms.

How to market: Parlor game can be marketed as a fun addition in a house decoration post, or you can reveal a family gathered around their coffee table for a video game night. If you stock instructional games for kids, promote them as a supplement to their remote learning curriculum. Engage your audience with an Instagram story survey asking their preferred parlor game– which can function as feedback for what products to stock for the holidays.

10 Carpets

living room Shutterstock.

How to market: Display how your rugs can complete a room and add warmth and convenience to a space.

9. Cooking area and dining-room furnishings

dining room table with bench

Alan SK/Shutterstock.

America is on the move as more families relocate from cities to more rural towns.

How to market: In your social media posts, be sure to put kitchen and dining room furnishings in settings that assist clients imagine the pieces in their own house.

8. Jigsaw puzzles

jigsaw puzzles 2.JPG

Kirsten Acuna/Insider.

Throwback industries are making a comeback and jigsaw puzzles are seeing growth as customers searched for activities they can do at house.

How to market: Puzzles could be a fantastic item to include to any home-focused organization, such as decor and furniture, or they can be targeted to kids for fun or education.

7. Kayak accessories

kayak austin

Harry Cabluck/AP.

Outdoor leisure is popular all year, however the pandemic gave individuals another factor to get outside for fresh air and attempt new activities. Kayaking continues to grow every year in the United States and accessories for the sport pattern in Google searches leading up to summer and once again after the vacations, Shopify reported.

How to market: Concentrate on the outdoor appeal of kayaking in your social networks posts with images that permits nature to shine. Promote kayaking as a socially-distanced activity family and friends can delight in as they take a trip to neighboring states or explore their hometowns.

6. Yoga and pilates mats

benefits of yoga

Crystal Cox/BI Image.

Yoga and pilates are low-cost kinds of workout that can be done with just a little area on your living-room or bed room floor.

How to market: Considering that yoga and pilates mats need action to use them, make sure you’re showcasing that performance on social media.

5. Blankets

personal finances woman laptop

hobo_018/ Getty Images.

Interest in blankets typically peak in the cold weather, according to Google Trends information, but they can be a high-profit margin item throughout the year Shopify reported. In 2018, the blanket market in the US was valued at $6.6 billion, according to Future Market Insights

How to market: Blankets are an item type that provides itself well to vibrant visuals and lifestyle content on social networks. Rather of publishing a static shot of a blanket pushing a sofa, have models or influencers display them in usage with their preferred hot beverage or book. You might likewise increase engagement by asking consumers in an Instagram story or caption what television series they’re watching while wrapped.

4. Water bottles

gallon water bottle drinking water

Erin McDowell/Insider.

As the physical fitness classification ramps up, so will nearby classifications like water bottles.

How to market: Water bottles can be easily integrated into any business– you don’t require to be a physical fitness or health brand.

3. Workout bands

health wellness weightless fit fitness exercise weights resistance bands gym work out yoga  1

Crystal Cox/Insider.

How to market: If you’re selling exercise bands, or any other type of workout devices, produce a way of life around your brand name on social media.

2. Nail polish

Painting my nails.

Painting my nails.

Zoe Ettinger.

Nationwide beauty salon closures throughout the pandemic brought a rise in nail polish interest, as more consumers found out to do their manis and pedis in the house. According to Google Trends, the search term “nail polish” has seen approximately 246,000 searches per month since March.

How to market: This is another terrific item to promote through influencers and sponsored posts. Since nail polish has a low cost per product, you might send a lot of products out to micro-influencers to broaden your reach. You might also use younger clients by targeting audiences on TikTok

1. Peel-off face mask

Woman with a face mask on.

Female with a face mask on.

Vladimir Vladimirov/Getty Images.

How to market: Peel-off face masks are highly visual, so they make for engaging videos.


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