e.l.f.’s Chipotle Partnership and New CBD Line Fend Off Pandemic Blues

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Cosmetics brand use two major trends expected to continue after Covid-19

e.l.f.'s chipotle mashup kit

e.l.f.’s Chipotle-inspired makeup kit offered out in 4 minutes( though supply was restricted).

e.l.f. Cosmetics


A brand-new Chipotle-inspired senior prom vanity case by e.l.f. Cosmetics is the outcome of an uncommon however creative mashup with the fast-casual chain, and offered out in simple minutes Thursday, CMO Kory Marchisotto told Adweek.

The cosmetics and skincare company likewise released a line of full-spectrum CBD skin care products this week to interest buyers’ heightened desire for skincare and health products during the pandemic, she included.

The collaboration and the new offerings are the current examples of how brands are coming up with innovative ways to boost business in a difficult time.

” E.l.f. and Chipotle go together because our values align,” said Marchisotto, including that such efforts also meet the business’s desire to put a smile on individuals’s faces during a challenging time.

The objective of e.l.f. is to make beauty accessible to every eye, lip and face, while Chipotle’s goal is to make much better food available to everyone, she noted.

” Like Chipotle’s dedication to properly sourced food, e.l.f. prides itself on 100%vegan products, and the parallels definitely do not end there. Both brands are quick-thinking, nimble disruptors who can move fast on concepts that resonate with the Gen Z audience,” said Tressie Lieberman, vp of digital and off-premise marketing at Chipotle.

While brand name mashups are not brand-new, they will likely get traction as customers seek unique products and experiences that stand out from the crowd.

The offering belongs to a wider partnership in between the cosmetics brand name and Chipotle, which is hosting a virtual senior prom afterparty Friday night following Teen Vogue’s virtual prom occasion.

The package includes a silver pouch that looks like a covered burrito, while the makeup consists of a primer-infused brush as a stand-in for guac, a lip exfoliator called Brown Sugar in lieu of brown rice, and a putty guide matte in location of sour cream.

In addition to the partnership, e.l.f. is recalibrating its item lineup to include more skin care and health and health products, as need for those items has increased throughout the pandemic.

In particular, the company released a line of full-spectrum CBD products, which have trace amounts of THC, including a facial oil, an eye cream, a body cream and a moisturizer.

The CBD line caters to consumers’ requirement for a moment of calm and self-care, especially in this anxiety-ridden moment for the world, Marchisotto said. “What we see now is a blurring between wellness and appeal,” she said.

It’s also part of e.l.f.’s culture of testing and learning. “We have a high danger tolerance,” she stated. It originates from the original creators’ desire to offer a premium item for $1 online some 16 years earlier, and versus the chances, prospering. “They made the difficult possible,” Marchisotto said.

Like with TikTok, which e.l.f. has had a presence on since the platform’s early days, the cosmetics company does not overthink– it evaluates and repeats what’s successful, Marchisotto described.

For instance, the appeal brand name issued a hashtag challenge including an initial song on TikTok to evaluate the platform and step consumer engagement, which since May 10 resulted in the creation of 3.5 million videos and produced 5.2 billion views.

In another example, the full-spectrum CBD line develops on the successful introduction of cannabis sativa-infused products late last year such as Happy Hydration Cream, Calm Balm lip balm and Puff Primer.

Being first to market with innovative products is among the important things e.l.f. prides itself on, Marchisotto said. “One of things e.l.f. does remarkably is we develop on needs we hear, belief we hear.”

Editor’s note: This article was updated to show the current numbers for e.l.f.’s TikTok hashtag obstacle, which resulted in the development of 3.5 million videos and 5.2 billion views.

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