Feds Release Probe into Whistleblower Claims on Inadequate Equipment, Training For Coronavirus Responders

HHS Secretary Alex Azar speaks about the coronavirus during a press briefing on the administration’s response to COVID-19 at the Department of Health and Human Services headquarters earlier this week.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar discusses the coronavirus throughout a press rundown on the administration’s response to COVID-19 at the Department of Health and Human being Services head office earlier this week.
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The federal government has revealed it’s introducing an investigation into problems that health workers lacked correct training and protective equipment when receiving Americans coronavirus evacuees on two California military bases. U.S. Health and Person Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar will personally be leading the probe, he said on CBS’s” Face the Country” program Sunday.

Something Azar’s currently sure of, though: Any possible exposure in these instances was not ground absolutely no for the recent string of coronavirus cases on the West Coast.

“We are aggressively seeking to see whether there is validity to the concerns, “Azar told CBS.” What the American people require to know is that we now have actually passed well over14 days since any HHS worker had contact with the people included. Nobody is symptomatic. No one has the illness.”

On Thursday, a whistleblower supposedly from within the HHS’ top ranks filed a grievance declaring that dozens of federal health staff members did not get adequate training and protective gear when initially attending to quarantined Americans. According to reports, the complaint declares that department officials” incorrectly deployed” these staffers to Travis Air Force Base and March Air Reserve Base in California, where evacuees flown in from hot zones in China and elsewhere are being quarantined, which” suitable steps were not required to quarantine, monitor, or test[the workers] during their deployment and upon their return home.” After entering into direct contact with coronavirus patients, a number of employees purportedly scattered back into the public without being evaluated for the infection because they did not have obvious symptoms.

This news broke simply days after officials reported America’s first cases of” community spread” of the coronavirus, the very first of which occurred near Travis Flying force Base. Simply as a refresher, the CDC defines community spread as the spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unidentified.

As a result, speculation kicked up that the 2 incidents might be related; that one or more of the workers described in the whistleblower’s problem may have been patient zero for the current string of break outs on the West Coast. Azar asserts this is “never the case.”

” Even if these claims prove to be real, there was no dispersing of the disease from this, and we have used– even though it is not medically indicated– we have actually offered to evaluate any HHS workers included. If they would like that additional peace of mind, we wish to do that for staff members,” he informed CBS.

When it comes to everybody else, Azar reported that the danger of infection remains low for average Americans, and, “We are working to keep it low.” Roughly 3,600 people in the U.S. have been evaluated for the virus, and the department is presenting a “radical growth” of available screening in the next week or two, he continued.

According to the World Health Company’s newest scenario report , there are presently62 validated cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., including the nation’s first death related to the break out on Saturday

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