How to Get a Divorce, With Divorce Lawyer Jacqueline Newman

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January is unofficially “< a data-ga="[["Embedded Url","External link","",{"metric25":1}]] href=" divorce-filings-january-uptick-marriages-ending-after-holidays/4247884002/ "rel=" noopener noreferrer" target=" _ blank" > Divorce Month” in the legal world, and to commemorate this not-so-joyous occasion, we’re bringing you an episode breaking down the complex world of divorce. To help us comprehend the legal nuts and bolts, we’re signed up with by Jacqueline Newman, a New York-based matrimonial lawyer and author of the book”< a data-amazonasin="" data-amazonsubtag=" [t|link[p|1840974545[au|5876237249239167595[b|lifehacker[lt|text" data-amazontag="lifehackeramzn-20" data-ga="[["Commerce","lifehacker - How to Get a Divorce, With Divorce Lawyer Jacqueline Newman",""]] href=" ascsubtag =-LRB- ccfc40 f9d7744631 d9ce959 ad1cfd89 a58 d5 & tag= lifehackeramzn-20" target=" _ top" > The New Rules of Divorce: Twelve Tricks to Safeguarding Your Wealth, Health, and Happiness. ” As we discovered in our interview, divorce is a fascinating subject even if you’re not preparing to divide anytime quickly.

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Highlights from this week’s episode

From the Jacqueline Newman Interview

On changing how we think of divorce procedures:

I consider myself to be somewhat of a divorce strategist, since truly among the things I perform in preliminary consultations and throughout my representation of people is truly look at the technique. Because while the law contributes, I think, in divorce, it plays much less of a function. I think it’s truly more psychological chess. And, you understand, with the goal being that you can exit your marital relationship in such a way that is as healthy and respectful as possible and hopefully keep some relationship with your partner, since if there are kids included, you’re gon na be co-parenting with this person for the rest of your life.

On the importance of prenuptial agreements:

I think most people don’t like prenups because they say they’re unromantic and you’re preparing your divorce and all that. And I entirely comprehend that. You understand, one of the things that I think can be extremely positive about a prenup is that, first off, it eliminates, as much as it can, specific aspects of uncertainty when people are walking into a marriage. I believe it also can actually assist people in a marriage, if done effectively, for different factors. One particularly being is that it can dictate what’s going to take place, you understand, so everyone has a common sense going to the marriage regarding what could discover a divorce. I believe that can be really reassuring to people, especially when you do have such income discrepancies.

From the James J. Sexton Interview

We likewise consisted of an excerpt from our 2018 interview with divorce lawyer James J. Sexton, on how to keep your marriage from breaking down. Here’s James on the concerns individuals should be asking before choosing to get married:

I believe one of the very first things that people should talk about in a really candid way is how they’re going to have conversations in the marital relationship. So it’s like a conversation about the conversation. I believe that’s extremely essential. I think you have to speak about, look, what are we going to do when among us is feeling something? If among us is feeling tired, if among us is feeling frustrated, if one of us is feeling the sex isn’t where it’s expected to be. If among us is feeling we’re not investing sufficient time together. If among us has some weird bitterness that we’re harboring. For how long do we let that sit before we speak about it?

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