Larry Page’s secret war on the influenza

Google co-founder’s efforts to beat influenza are nothing to be sneezed at

Now that Larry Page has actually stepped down as CEO of Google’s moms and dad business Alphabet, he could be following in Bill Gates’s footsteps and tackling global health difficulties.

According to charity and service files acquired by TechCrunch, the billionaire co-founder of Google has been quietly waging a war on the influenza.

Thousands of children and instructors in San Francisco’s Bay Area will get free influenza shots at their schools this year from Shoo The Flu, which describes itself as a “ community-based initiative” In reality, it is entirely moneyed by a for-profit business managed by Page. Another of his business, Flu Lab, is supporting multi-million dollar efforts to develop a universal flu vaccine. Neither effort makes public Page’s role in them.

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