Secretary for Food and Health chairs conference of Chinese Medicine Development Committee with rundown on development of numerous Chinese medication advancement efforts (with images)

Secretary for Food and Health chairs conference of Chinese Medicine Development Committee with rundown on development of numerous Chinese medication advancement efforts (with images)

Secretary for Food and Health chairs conference of Chinese Medicine Development Committee with instruction on development of different Chinese medication advancement efforts (with images)

The Chinese Medicine Development Committee (CMDC) held its 12 th conference today (June 17), which likewise marked its last conference within the 5th regard to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The conference was chaired by the Secretary for Food and Health (SFH), Professor Sophia Chan, and participated in by agents of the Food and Health Bureau (FHB), the Hospital Authority (HA) and the Department of Health (DH).

” Chinese medication( CM) is a conventional benefit of Hong Kong, and is well gotten and supported by the public. The current-term Government has actually the whole time been promoting the advancement of CM, and has actually declared the positioning of CM in the health care system of Hong Kong in 2018 by integrating CM into the health care system through subsidising specified CM services. The current-term Government has actually continued to designate resources to supply multi-faceted assistance to the advancement of CM, consisting of enhancing CM out-patient services and incorporated Chinese-Western medication (ICWM) in-patient services; developing the 2 flagship organizations (i.e. the very first Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH) in Hong Kong and the Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute (GCMTI)); as well as promoting through skill training, research study, centers improvement and promos under the assistance of the Chinese Medicine Development Fund (CMDF), so as to produce extra driving forces for CM advancement. Over the previous 5 years, we have actually worked carefully with the CM sector in taking forward a variety of jobs and attained appealing outcomes,” stated Professor Chan.

Relevant federal government departments and organisations reported to the CMDC the development and accomplishments of different policy efforts on CM advancement:

Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres


The18Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres (CMCTRs), run under a tripartite cooperation design including the HA, non-governmental organisations and regional universities, have actually been offering government-subsidised CM out-patient services at the district level given that March 2020, tape-recording a participation of over 1.13 million up until now.

Regarding promo of training, the HA has actually released a brand-new structured training program for Chinese medication specialist (CMP) students because 2020 to adequately improve their scientific capability and expert requirements, with an overall of 216 quotas supplied each year. The HA will continue to enhance on-the-job training of CMPs at various ranks and CM drug specialists.

As concerns promoting research study, the HA teams up with the CMCTRs and regional universities to methodically perform research study jobs on CM and illness, with 61 CM research study jobs carried out up until now.

Integrated Chinese-Western medication in-patient services


The HA has actually been offering ICWM treatment services to HA in-patients of chosen illness locations through the CMCTRs. At present, ICWM in-patient services are offered at 8 public health centers, covering all 7 medical facility clusters. The overall variety of participations has actually surpassed 50500 To connect the policy instructions of the long-lasting advancement of CM, the HA will continue to check out boosting ICWM in-patient services at public medical facilities by increasing the variety of taking part healthcare facilities and chosen illness locations, in addition to check out the regularisation of the services worried.

Sharing of Chinese medication health care info

In order to promote digitalisation of CM health care info, the HA has actually established a CM details system, specifically the “EC Connect”. A pilot plan was introduced in March 2020, with 102 personal CM centers taking part in the plan up until now. A function for the sharing of CM info under the Electronic Health Record Sharing System has actually been presented considering that March this year.

Role of Chinese Medicine in Primary Healthcare Services


The CM sector is dedicated to supplying expert assistance and services to the general public at the level of main health care. We will check out stepping up the function of CM in the Primary Healthcare Blueprint, and signing up with hands with the CM sector to develop inter-disciplinary neighborhood health care networks. The boosted usage of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System by the CM sector would allow us to deepen the advancement momentum in future.

Development of Chinese Medicine Hospital

The Government has actually commissioned the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) to run the very first CMH in Hong Kong under a public-private-partnership design. The CMH will be become a regional flagship CM organization and a modification motorist promoting the advancement of services, education, training, development and research study. The CMH will supply scientific services of pure CM, CM playing the primary function and ICWM, covering both inpatient and outpatient services. The CMH will likewise support the scientific positioning of the 3 regional universities and act as a medical training platform for CMPs. The CMH will likewise team up with universities along with instructional bodies in Hong Kong, the Mainland and abroad to perform medical research study and other CM-related research study.

Following the beginning of the style and building and construction works of the CMH in June in 2015, the FHB is actively acting on numerous preparation work for the commissioning of the CMH, and will continue to keep close interaction with the stakeholders of the CM sector.

Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute


The GCMTI, to be handled by the DH, specialises in screening and clinical research study of CM drugs, with concentrates on performing research study and developing globally acknowledged referral requirements on the security, quality and screening method of CM substance abuse advanced innovation. It will empower the CM drug market through the transfer of screening innovation to enhance quality assurance of items, with a view to developing the brand name picture of Hong Kong’s CM drugs.

Pending the conclusion of building and construction of the long-term properties, a short-term GCMTI has actually been established in the Hong Kong Science Park in March 2017, with 6 research study tasks finished and 46 instruction sessions, training workshops and other activities arranged up until now. Independently, under the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards job, recommendation requirements for 330 Chinese Materia Medica typically utilized in Hong Kong have actually been finished. The research study outcomes have actually ended up being well-recognised both in your area and abroad, bringing advantages to the market.

Chinese Medicine Development Fund


Since the official launch of the CMDF in June2019by the FHB, the CMDF has actually presented numerous moneying plans to support training, enhancement of center centers, improvement of exclusive Chinese medication (pCm) production quality and management systems, pCm registration, promo of CM and used research studies and research study, benefiting professionals and organisations at various levels of the CM sector. Over 4 300 financing applications have actually been authorized up until now. The FHB is performing an evaluation on the total execution of the CMDF, with a view to additional improving the financing plans and utilisation of resources so regarding support the CM sector in a more reliable and targeted way for promoting long-lasting CM advancement.

Mainland and worldwide partnership in CM

Hong Kong has actually been backed by the motherland considering that the return thereto, and has actually gotten assistance and assistance on different fronts from appropriate Mainland ministries/commissions and specialists. The current-term Government has actually been actively reinforcing Hong Kong’s function under the plan set out in the Construction Plan for the Chinese Medicine Highlands in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (2020-2025). To name a few, Mainland public CM health care organizations, as pilot websites, began to hire Hong Kong CMPs in 2015; and Hong Kong signed up standard pCms for external usage presently might be signed up and offered in the Mainland through the structured treatments. In the course of establishing the Hong Kong CMH and the GCMTI, the Government has actually gotten professional recommendations and assistance from the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM) and the National Medical Products Administration.

The NATCM, the FHB and the DH collectively arranged a massive advertising project entitled Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China – Hong Kong Programme in 2018, with around 100 academic and promotion activities arranged under the assistance of the CM sector. The FHB likewise supported and sponsored organisations in the CM sector to host 2 massive CM global conferences in Hong Kong, particularly the “Hong Kong International Summit on Chinese Medicine” in 2018 and “The 18 th World Congress of Chinese Medicine” in 2021, to promote the one-upmanship of Hong Kong in the advancement of CM.

Responding to public health occurrences with Chinese medication


CM has special benefits in epidemic avoidance, treatment and rehab. Because2018, the FHB has actually been enhancing co-ordination and co-operation with various stakeholders in the CM sector prior to the peak influenza season to support the general public in requirement at the main health care level.

CM has actually played an essential function throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. The involvement of CM in epidemic avoidance has actually increased slowly given that the very first wave of the epidemic. Especially in combating the 5th wave of epidemic, there has actually been extensive involvement of CM in the entire procedure of epidemic avoidance, treatment and rehab, providing complete play to CM’s benefits and functions to support Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic techniques.

The DH and the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong( CMCHK) have actually prepared the Prevention of COVID-19
– Infection Control Measures for Chinese Medicine Clinic (Interim )Guideline and the Guidelines on Professional Ethics for Telemedicine Services respectively for referral by CMPs. Independently, the CMCHK has actually likewise developed the registration system for giving conditional approval for pCm associated to a significant public health emergency situation, and has actually accelerated the approval and problem of import licences of anti-epidemic pCm/Chinese natural medications.

CM has actually played a critical function in the multi-tiered triage treatment system. The HA has actually introduced in January in 2015 the Special CM Programme for COVID-19In-patients at the Treatment Centre for COVID-19( AsiaWorld-Expo) and the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre to allow CM intervention in in-patient treatment as early as possible, thus permitting ICWM to provide complete play to its strengths. Previously, the Mainland medical assistance group likewise helped the HA to even more boost the CM service scale and capability of the Treatment Centre for COVID-19( AsiaWorld-Expo ). Around 550 clients have actually taken part in the program up until now, with over 3000 assessments carried out. Throughout the 5th wave of epidemic, the HA quickly took the lead in mobilising CM company in the neighborhood to take part in the CM Services for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly( RCHEs) program to offer outreach or telemedicine CM services to contaminated citizens of RCHEs. The service worried has actually been even more broadened to cover rehab assessments. An overall of250RCHEs have actually signed up with the program up until now, with around11000assessments carried out.

The Government has actually likewise been stepping up making use of CM in numerous facilities, such as neighborhood seclusion centers and holding centres, in addition to using individuals under isolation/quarantine and public CM assessment and suggestions services, extensively dispersing anti-epidemic pCms, and so on. The HA has actually likewise established a free-of-charge CM recommendations service hotline, with over12300telephone asks dealt with up until now. The Government has actually likewise co-ordinated with the CM sector to mobilise its resources to take forward different work, consisting of releasing the “Fight the Virus Together -Chinese Medicine Telemedicine Scheme” through the CMDF to subsidise CMPs to supply free-of-charge telemedicine services in addition to giving and shipment of CM drugs, and speeding up and according concern to the processing of aid products in relation to anti-epidemic work.

Having regard to the substantial benefits of CM in rehab, the HA introduced in April2020 the Special CM Out-patient Programme to supply free-of-charge rehab services to qualified contaminated individuals to deal with sequelae with CM through the18
CMCTRs. Far, over34500 recuperated clients have actually signed up with the program and over117100 assessments were performed.

” I want to reveal my genuine thankfulness to the Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Practice Subcommittee under the CMDC, Professor Chan Wing-kwong, and the Chairman of the Chinese Medicines Industry Subcommittee under the CMDC, Mr Tommy Li, in addition to members for supplying important suggestions to the
Government over the previous years. With
the assistance of the Central Government in the advancement of CM in Hong Kong, the CMDC and stakeholders in the CM sector have actually signed up with hands with the Government throughout the current-term Government, attaining lots of developments, in specific in the battle versus the epidemic and partnership within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and laying a strong structure in the advancement of CM in Hong Kong.

“Looking ahead, I think that the advancement of CM in Hong Kong will introduce more chances. Considered that CM is a fundamental part of Hong Kong’s health care system, we will even more capitalise on CM by boosting its promo and application so regarding allow it to make considerable contributions in securing the health of the general public,” Professor Chan stated.

Established in 2013and chaired by the SFH, the CMDC supplies suggestions to the Government worrying the instructions and long-lasting technique of the future advancement of CM in Hong Kong, with a concentrate on 4 essential locations, specifically the advancement of CM services, workers training and expert advancement, clinical research study and advancement, and advancement of the CM drug market( consisting of CM drug screening).

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