Unvaccinated Ky. Teen Who Sued Health Department Comes Down With Chickenpox – LEX18 Lexington KY News

( CINCINNATI ENQUIRER)– The Northern Ky. high school trainee who litigated over restrictions due to not being immunized for chickenpox, has come down with the disease.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Jerome Kunkel, 18, got sick with chickenpox last week. This follows legal troubles after the Northern Kentucky health department issued its order to control an outbreak at two little parochial schools in Boone County.

His family filed a claim versus the health department after students without proof of vaccination or evidence of immunity against the infection were prohibited from school for 21 days following a break out.

Kunkel is a student at Assumption Academy in Walton, Ky.. Numerous parochial students in the area have religious exemptions from the vaccine.

His attorney states Kunkel is great, albeit a little itchy.

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