YouTube streamer helped raise almost $660,000 in 12 hours for Covid-19 relief efforts

(CNN) A multi-platform digital fundraising event hauled in more than $1.7 million for Covid-19 relief on Tuesday, World Health Day.

The #HopeFromHome livestream combined performers, influencers, gamers and other creators across platforms including YouTube, Facebook Twitter and TikTok to benefit 3 international charities.
Seán McLoughlin, a London-based Irish YouTube developer and the face behind the Jacksepticeye channel, was YouTube’s primary organizer of the event on the platform.
His near 12- hour livestream Tuesday raised almost $659,000 alone, near 40%of the global total raised.
” Words can not reveal how crazy today was,” McLoughlin wrote in an Instagram post after his stream. “I am so emotionally overwhelmed however I have absolutely nothing but love and gratitude to all of those who contributed and made such a huge distinction today.”
Donations were assisted in by fundraising platform Tiltify and funds will be evenly split throughout the 3 charities, United Method Worldwide; the United Nations Structure’s Covid-19 Uniformity Action Fund for the World Health Company; and Comic Relief United States’s Red Nose Day, according to an April 1 press release from United Method Worldwide announcing the job.
” It was motivating to see the online neighborhood come together for #HopeFromHome,” Tiltify CEO Michael Wasserman said in a declaration Wednesday. “The other day was the greatest varieties of unique online donations we have actually ever seen in 12 hours.”
All 3 getting involved charities confirmed to CNN in separate declarations that the funds they get will go towards financial and social services to assist susceptible populations throughout the international pandemic. The UN Foundation said some of its funds will likewise go to the World Health Company to assist develop a vaccine for Covid-19
” As WHO leads the global battle against this illness, we need them to prosper. To see online neighborhoods small and big in a rise of commitment yesterday to raise funds for that work is deeply satisfying,” United Nations Foundation President and CEO, Elizabeth Cousens, stated. “Seán and his numerous partners developed a way for individuals– some of whom had actually never donated to anything in the past– to sign up with something bigger that will eventually benefit all of us.”
In an interview with CNN Wednesday, McLoughlin stated he reached out to “as numerous creators as I might” to arrange the fundraiser on the online side.
” I seemed like more money might be raised if we activated everybody and all of their neighborhoods and all of their audiences and sort of band together under one banner,” McLoughlin stated. “And then everyone could do their own small streams within that.”
He said the goal of the event was to come together as a worldwide neighborhood to fight the virus, making it clear that his substantial fundraising numbers should not “diminish what everyone else is doing … I believe the global overall is more important than what any person was doing.”
” I believe we constantly speak about the money that gets raised in these,” McLoughlin stated. “However I also believe that what’s really essential is the awareness that gets raised around it too.”
McLoughlin’s channel places on charity livestreams regular monthly for various causes near his heart, including a January 2020 stream that raised more than $212,000 for Australian wildfire relief and his April 2019 stream that raised more than $111,000 for Comic Relief U.S.A.’s Red Nose Day.
” Sean in specific has been a remarkable ally to the Red Nose Day project and we can’t thank him enough for activating his network on behalf of those in requirement,” Alison Moore, CEO of Comic Relief U.S.A. stated in a statement. “It was extraordinary to have so many developers and their fans come together around #HopeFromHome in assistance of kids and households suffering from the devastating social, financial and health results of COVID-19”
” Remarkable things happen when people and communities come together,” Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide, said in a declaration. “I wish to thank Seán for bringing his community together to help us battle COVID-19 at this crucial time, as well as for the opportunity to join #HopeFromHome personally.”
Contributions will continue to be accepted through the end of April with the hope of breaking the $2 million mark internationally in the coming weeks, McLoughlin stated.

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