10 Online Tools That Can Grow Your Phone Accessories Business

A phone accessories business is one of the easiest and most exciting online ventures you can get
into. There are billions of phones in the world, and there are millions of people in the country
with phones. A large number of these people are interested in making their phones look more
interesting and customized. They also need to protect their pricey phones against damage and get
more from their phones in terms of entertainment. In the phone accessories business, you are
spoilt for choice on what to sell.

This ease of doing business also means that there is a lot of competition. Getting your phone
accessories business ahead of the competition and keeping smooth operations and good customer
service is crucial in maintaining your business. Here are some tools that can help you grow
your phone accessories business:

1. Google trends

This is a free research tool. It will tell you what people are searching for
online, show you upward or downward trends so that you can take advantage of these trends


2. WordPress

Your business needs a website. WordPress is a free website builder which you
can use to build a professional website in a few hours.


3. Woocommerce

If you are planning to sell phone accessories on the site, woocommerce is
the tool that helps you set up items display, and the shopping cart.


4. HootSuite

Social media presence is very useful for a phone accessories business as you
can show off funky accessories to millions of users and get them interested. HootSuite helps
maintain different social media accounts from one platform.


5. Google Analytics

This tool helps you see what your online visitors are interested in, the
products they are most interested in and characteristics of these visitors. This can help you target
them better.


6. Google Docs

You will need to make documents for different business purposes. Google Docs is a free cloud-based tool you can use to make spreadsheets, letters, presentations etc. and store them.


7. Due

Invoicing and tracking payments is crucial. Due is a free tool for managing yourbilling and payments. It will provide free invoicing templates and integrates into different payment methods including credit cards, PayPal and ACH.


8. Groove

This is a useful tool to help improve your customer service. It comes with social media, live chat, and SMS integration.


9. Facebook ads

This is the ad service by Facebook to make ads for Facebook and Instagram. It helps you target customers by age, location, interests etc.


10. Donately

This tool helps you maintain a good public image by giving back to the

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