10 Ways on How to Get Your Customers to Come Back to Your Stores

Every smart marketer knows that it is easier to have your past customers buy again rather than
convince a new customer to buy. In fact, it is three times as cheaper to retain a customer than
acquire a new one. This is why you need good customer retention tactics for your phone
accessories business. The good news is that implementing customer retention tactics do not cost
a lot and are easy to put in place. Here are some ways you can get your customers to come back.


1. Good website user experience

A customer who struggles to find what she is looking for is
unlikely to come back. Your website should have an easy to navigate user experience, with well
laid out product categories.


2. Convenience

Customers want a simple and convenient shopping process. Filling too many
details is a bit off-putting. Make your payment processes easy and implement visible data
security measures


3. Fast shipping

If your items take too long to get to the customer, she is unlikely to come
back. Same day shipping is a very attractive option for customers in your location.


4. Customer loyalty program

You award points when customers shop. These points can then
be redeemed for other items in the store.


5. Discounts and offers

Send offers and discounts constantly to your customers’ email


6. ‘We Miss you’ mail

Do not ignore old customers who have not visited your store in a long
time. Send them an email with a simple ‘We Miss You’ message and a personalized discount.


7. in-store price matching

It is easy for customers to compare your prices against the competition, thanks to the internet. Offer to match these prices and retain these customers/.


8. Listen to customer suggestions

Take your customer suggestions seriously. If the checkout process is too long, take steps to make it shorter.


9. Customer accounts

Having customer accounts makes their repeated shopping convenient.
They do not have to input their personal, shipping and payment details all over again. It is also
good for the business since you can track their expenditure and segment your customers for
better marketing


10. Hassle-free return policy

Your customers will feel less aggrieved if they can return
defective goods. A hassle-free returns policy ensures makes them feel valued and comfortable to
buy again, trusting they can always return a defective product
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