5 Phone Accessories That You Can Use On Your Tablet

If you were to buy a perfect accessory that you would use on your phone and later on your tablet, which one would it be?

The special relationship between your prized smartphone and that tablet you recently purchased shouldn’t be about the fact that one serve as the back-up of the other. Neither should the tablet serve as your preferred device for completing your complex, everyday tasks on the go everyday only.

There are probably a thousand headphones, gadgets, and gizmos that you can buy online from a phone accessories store and use on your cell phone and iPad or Tablet. But, with the following phone accessories used on your iPad or Tablet, your overall perception towards it will never be the same again!


Touch Pens

You will need a Touch Pen for smooth navigation on your smartphone and to conveniently scribble down a thing or two on your tablet. Durable aluminum and steel-made ultra-sensitive Stylus that’s lighter than a feather and easy to carry will serve your requirements correctly.


2-in-1 Travel Chargers

Perhaps you do experience lots of undue hassles trying to keep both your iPhone and iPad fully charged while on the road. Well, you shouldn’t, especially at a time when you can seamlessly get one – a 2-in-1 Travel Charger from your favorite phone accessories stores online. At HLC Wholesale, you get $20 off when you use coupon code: HLC20.


Power Banks

There will be those instances when you can’t charge both of your devices because maybe you are away from a power source. Luckily, you can buy a Power Bank online and use to charge both of your devices and remain reachable at any given moment. You just have to buy from a credible, trustworthy online store.


Headphones or Headsets

Of course, you are going to require a set of good earphones if you are to listen to music from your smartphone. The same set of headphones will come in handy on your tablet, including your iPhone and iPad. Those worth buying are the ones known for their ergonomic curved housing design and excellent sound quality or even the Bluetooth Stereo headsets.


Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers that guarantee more extended hours of playback are nowadays another must-have amongst fun-loving individuals. Given that some are made to allow wireless connection to two gadgets at a given moment, maybe you should consider going for such. The best wireless and portable Bluetooth speakers with a superior audio amplification can be found online at a phone accessories store.

Other accessories that you can use on your phone, as well as your tablet, include that iPad keyboard and your phone’s MicroSD card. Portable camera lenses and wireless charging pads may work on specific smartphones or tablets.

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