A higher serious hazard for Memorial Day – ABC 57 News

Showers and storms aim to return for the late afternoon and night today and the threat for severe weather condition is a little higher this early morning. A couple of supercells are possible to end the today and could continue into the pre-midnight hours, containing destructive wind and big hail.

Likewise, separated twisters can’t be ruled out, but that hazard goes down significantly as the night goes on.

A much lower strong/severe threat continues for Tuesday afternoon and night, with another round of storms loading gusty wind and little hail. Rain/storm opportunities continue Wednesday and Thursday before drier skies work their way back Friday.

Memorial Day: Primarily cloudy with late PM showers & storms likely. Some could be strong/severe. High of 77.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with showers/storms. Some could be strong/severe prior to 2 or 3 AM. Low of 62.

Tuesday: Mainly cloudy with a chance of showers and PM/eve. storms. High of 73.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with an opportunity of showers and storms, then drying late. Highs near 80.

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