See the beauty within you. We assure you it is your absolute core energy. 


If you truly understood your beauty it would amaze you. It is more than you can currently comprehend.


The beauty of your soul is blinding.


We are able to see everyones’ souls and understand their ultimate beauty no matter what they are doing on the earth plane. 


It is very beautiful to see fragments reunited with their soul. Each returning piece fits like part of a puzzle. 


Part of your journey is to reunite all parts of yourself until you feel complete internally and this is completely unaffected by anything that happens externally. 


People that are seen to be getting younger instead of older have simply reunited more parts of their soul. You cannot vibrate at a high level without this process. 


Parts fragment with each trauma you experience on the earth plane. It can take many lives to complete the recall process. 


What parts do you need to call back to you? Ask us to assist. 

Source: Happybubble
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