Being Light

Being light is being free from attachments.

Being open to your highest good.

Releasing yourself from fear.

Allowing your lightest self to emerge.

Releasing all your earthly baggage, including unhelpful beliefs.

It is also being joyful, finding the light in all situations, laughing, seeing the funny side, being the funny side.

Striving to allow rather than control.

Faith in outcomes that are for the highest good.

Accepting what is.

ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW. We cannot stress this enough.

Allow your highest good, your highest light.

Be brave and trust in the universe.

Trust that your highest self knows what you need at all times for your highest good.

Believe in the light and believe that you can make a difference to your life.

When you do not believe you block the change you want.

The art of being light is to believe in the light, be the light, allow the light!


Always remember that YOU ARE LIGHT.

Source: Happybubble
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