Boxing: Resilient Vikas Krishan overcomes tough bout to seal a place in semis

Vikas Krishan overcomes tough conditions to beat newcomer Tuoheta Erbieke Tanglatihan tight three sets. He will box Kazakhstan’s Amankul Abilkhan in the semis.

Vikas faced a much tougher challenge against Tuoheta Erbieke Tanglatihan of China in the men’s middleweight (75kg) division.

The Indian was stretched to the limit by his agile and technically strong opponent before eking out a narrow 3-2 win.

In the semi-finals, Vikas will face Kazakhstan’s Amankul Abilkhan.

Vikas’ middleweight quarter-final bout saw a slow start with both boxers reluctant to be too adventurous, preferring to sit back and size up their opponent instead.

Vikas managed to take the initial momentum when he landed a couple of scoring punches. The Chinese boxer tried to be more aggressive as the round neared its closing stages, but Vikas’ strong defence stood him in good stead.

Vikas however, suffered a cut above his left eye in the final minute of the opening round which seemed to affect his performance for the rest of the fight.

With Vikas struggling with the cut, Tuoheta dominated the second round. Needing a big comeback going into the third and final round, the Indian adopted a much aggressive approach. Both boxers ramped up the intensity and the fight saw an exciting finish.


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Source: Matchday Frolics
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