City AM news website downed for six hours by 'unprecedented technical issues'

City AM’s news website has been down for more than six hours today, with readers unable to access stories on a day when Westminster was targeted in a second suspected terror attack.

The website, which is updated daily by a team of journalists, has been inaccessible since at least 11am.

One reader who raised the issue on Twitter and asked if the website had crashed was told “yes we’re trying to fix it asap� in a reply from the business news title’s official Twitter account.

Chief operating officer Harry Owen told Press Gazette in a statement: “We’re currently experiencing unprecedented technical issues, and we have a team working around the clock to restore the website.

“We apologise to our online readers for this inconvenience.”

City AM is understood to bring in about 2m unique monthly views online. It publishes a print edition every weekday.

Source: Digital Journalism
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