Congratulations to the Winners of Etherparty’s Global Crowdfunding Contest: Covalent, Now Art, and…

Congratulations to the Winners of Etherparty’s Global Crowdfunding Contest: Covalent, Now Art, and Vanyx

We are proud to finally announce the winning entries for the Rocket Three for Free contest: Covalent, Now Art and Vanyx!

“The contest received a wide range of ideas, new and exciting concepts. Our contest winners spoke especially to innovation and to making a difference and that’s the kind of initiatives we want to support, now and into the future,� said CEO at Etherparty, Kevin Hobbs.

Rocket by Etherparty is a packaged software solution for cryptocurrency-based crowdfunds.

Each project is awarded with token and crowdfund creation smart contracts that are part of Rocket, Etherparty’s packaged software solution for cryptocurrency-based crowdfunds. In addition, each project will be offered consulting support and token sale guidance, as needed, throughout the set up process.

Covalent indexes blockchain transaction data, which is composed of over 70,000 smart contracts and 500 million contract executions across seven different blockchains.

Covalent logo.

“Having access to Etherparty’s triple-verified crowdfunding smart contracts is a foundational piece of tech that we don’t have to build in-house and so we can focus on our business instead,� said Ganesh Swami, CEO of Vancouver, B.C.-based Covalent.

NOW Art is a Los Angeles, California-based women’s run organization of curators, producers and artists servicing the increasing need of curating, producing and expanding public art. The organization will be using blockchain technology to make art more accessible and transparent for the public/private sector, using its coin as a tool to create and place art in public spaces.

The NOW Art team!

“NOW Art is very excited to bridge the gap between smart contract technology and the art industry thanking Etherparty and their software Rocket,� said Carmen Zella, director at NOW Art. “Our organization is excited to implement this new technology and enter a new frontier as it will enhance cultural production and access to art.�

Vanyx, another Vancouver, B.C.-based company, provides instant and private transactions on the blockchain. Built from scratch, the technology uses a hybrid architecture incorporating DAG and blockchain technologies.

Vanyx logo.

“We are excited to be a part of Etherparty’s crowdfunding platform. Up to this point, we have been purely focused on building a great project — Rocket will greatly accelerate the go-to-market process,� said Josh Ma, co-founder at Vanyx.

So, stay plugged in and look for these exciting new projects to be featured on Rocket soon!

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