Cutest Phone Accessories You Don’t Want To Miss

The big hit that phone fidgets have become shows just how much phone accessories have
become popular. Phones have become personal statements. Your phone says a lot about your
sense of style and fashion. Phone accessories also help you get more from your phone; better
music, longer battery life and better protection for your phone. Check out these cutest phone
accessories that are a must-have this year:

Heavy duty case protector

Why would you risk a $600 investment? Heavy duty cases have been popular for china phones
but these useful accessories are now available for iPhone. To match the beauty of your iPhone,
these heavy-duty protectors come in deep black matte color with profiles in the shape of your
iPhone so that you can get to your fingerprint sensor and other buttons easily. You can get
protectors for iPhone 5/S/SE/6/6s/7, and Samsung Galaxy series.


Tempered glass protectors

Gone are the day’s phone screen protectors were made of dull plastic. You can enjoy the Super
AMOLED view like there is no protector in place. Tempered glass protector keeps your
smartphone’s screen safe from shock like dropping and getting hit. It saves you the pain of $300
in case your iPhone accidentally drops. Your screen stays scratch-free and clean as new.


Designer earphones for iPhone

Stand out with these golden finish earphones. These earphones are stylishly modern and come
with thumping bass and tangle free cable so that you can easily stuff them into your pocket and
retrieve them without the bother of untangling.


Phone cases

Give your smartphone a personality with a phone case. There are hundreds of phone cases to
pick from; glittering gold, floating glitters of red, yellow, pink, light purple, light green and other
beautiful colors. These phone cases come with ring holders attached to the back that you can use
as a kickstand.

Do you often have to do video chats and are tired of holding your smartphone up to do so? An
anti-gravity case is what you need. This phone case lets you stick your smartphone on surfaces
like walls, desktop monitor, and even the bathroom mirror. Your video chats will be fun, with
your hands-free to show off extras.

If you like to create extra space in your pockets, carry your phone on your belt, with a cute
holster pouch case. It comes with a belt loop and a large clip for belts of different sizes. Your
phone is safe and quickly accessible.

When working in damp conditions, keep your phone protected with a waterproof pouch. You can
carry your phone on your arm with the attached armband, or hang it from the neck for quick

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