Elizabeth Warren is literally running in the current 2020 project meme

By Nicole Gallucci

Elizabeth Warren is running.

She’s running for president, sure, however she was likewise seen physically running throughout a well manicured yard as she waved to a crowd of people and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” played in the background.

In true “Laugh About Whatever We Can In These Trying Times” style, the clip of Warren going to provide a campaign speech in Franconia, New Hampshire, was rapidly turned into a meme.

For some, Warren sprinting through a cheering crowd while her salmon sweatshirt blew behind her like a cape in the wind reminded them of pleased times, such as leaving a celebration early. For others, Warren waving at fans and getting her cardio in made them consider leaving, like the type of run you ‘d get into after inadvertently texting the incorrect individual.

Whatever concept it sparks, it’s clear the clip is really relatable.

me running into the mountains never to be seen again after accidentally texting a screenshot of a text convo to the individual I’m talking shit about pic.twitter.com/iUhz9N4Anf

— Robbie Sofa (@robbie_couch) August 14, 2019

Warren is fantastic at running. Remember her renowned running spurts in the Boston Pride Parade? Or that time she went to capture a train? The woman was just born to run.

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