Etherparty Announces Rocket Price and Pricing Strategy

Rocket, the highly anticipated end-to-end crowdfunding solution, is preparing to launch in the next few days. For the first time, the price and payment process for anyone looking to launch a token crowdfund, is being revealed.

After extensive market research and cost analysis, the base price of Rocket has been set at an extremely competitive USD $49,800. Rocket’s ease of use and double-audited security standing will save projects time, money, and give them peace of mind that their crowdfund will be secure. Customers will also be supported through the entire launch of their process by our expert customer success team.

Moreover, for a limited time, only FUEL tokens in the current circulating supply will be used to launch a crowdfund on Rocket. Etherparty will not be selling FUEL tokens directly to Rocket customers until further notice.

Individuals who don’t hold FUEL tokens currently aren’t out of luck, however. Through a partnership with CoinPayments, Etherparty will facilitate the purchase of FUEL with USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum, enabling anyone to launch their crowdfund with Rocket.

We are excited to give FUEL token holders exclusive first access to Rocket.� says Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Etherparty.

“We want to further show our appreciation to our supporters by only allowing tokens sold in the crowdfund to be used to purchase services on Rocket. Rocket is the first of many planned projects under the Etherparty umbrella, so fuel up because this rocket is going to the moon!

Think you might want to launch your own Crowdfund with Rocket? Sign up for the waiting list at and a sales specialist will reach out.

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Source: Angelpad
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