You are all beautiful souls.
Many of you reject this truth about yourself.
Instead of rejecting yourself allow your radiance to shine.
Believe in yourself.
If you only knew what you could achieve with full belief in yourself.
Many of you hold yourself back with limiting beliefs.
Ask us to help you release these.
Ask us to help you realise the truth of where you come from and what you are capable of.
Let the light shine from you.
Many of you could be so much happier.
Ask us to help you with this also.
From happiness comes such joy in life.
From joy comes wonderful relationships and joyful work.
It is entirely possible to feel joy each day and rise looking forward to the day ahead.
The journey there is one day at a time.
Ask for guidance and you will receive it.
Do not worry about timings.
Focus on being happy and let time take care of itself.
Make a list of what makes you feel happy and ensure to incorporate these regularly into your life.
The more you are happy the more you give out the required energy to attract the people and opportunities you want.
Change does not necessarily create happiness.
Happiness creates change for your highest good.
Feel happy where you are now and change will follow.
We love you very much.
Allow yourself to feel and accept that you are always loved.

Source: Happybubble

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