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Actress Peggy Lipton, pictured here with daughter Rashida Jones, passed away.

Actress Peggy Lipton, pictured here with daughter Rashida Jones, died.
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” Twin Peaks” and “Mod Team” star Peggy Lipton passed away Saturday from cancer, her children Rashida and Kadida Jones announced. Lipton had actually been detected with colon cancer in 2004.

Lipton won a Golden World and was Emmy-nominated four times for her role as flower child Julie Barnes in “The Mod Team,” in which she starred from 1968 to 1973.

Lipton’s “Twin Peaks” co-stars Kyle MacLachlan and Madchen Amick were amongst those who paid homage to Lipton’s death.

” I lost a sister today,” composed Amick. “She was a real angel in the world … You could not fit anymore love into that gorgeous soul of hers and she shared her heart generously with everybody around her.”

” I had the opportunity to deal with Peggy for a few days on a movie,” Griffin composed. “I absolutely fell in love with her. I’ve honestly always believed of Peggy as … ideal.”

Helen Hunt composed simply, “She’s the one I constantly desired to be.”

“21 Jump Street” star Holly Robinon Peete called her death a “simply heartbreaking loss” and shared that her “Dive Street” character was motivated by Lipton’s role on “Mod Squad.”

Rosanna Arquette wrote that Lipton, who she had known for lots of years, “was a charming human being on all levels.”

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