How can you be happier?

Make a choice to be happier.
Do things you love.
Be with people you love.
Manifest the life you want to have.
Make sure you know what your happiest life looks & feels like.
Who is there with you?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
What are the feelings you are experiencing?
Do you feel this is possible for you?
If not then you have some work to do so that you do feel that it is possible and then do you feel you will definately get there?
How can you get there sooner?
Be happy now to bring more happiness into your energy field.
Have fun now dreaming up your happiest life.
It is possible to move from a place of deep unhappiness to absolute happiness.
Your happiness will then ripple out and raise the vibration of your planet.
This is very important “work�.
It is a joy to watch you undertake this journey.
Our hearts overflow with love and happiness for you.

Source: Happybubble
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