How to wear sandals with socks

If you want to know how to wear sandals with socks this season, just let yourself be guided by these tips.

Have you heard about the latest street style trend? That in which the spring sandals are combined with socks, and not just any socks, but some visible and full color. Here we give you all the details.

Sandals and socks are trends

Already the fashion connoisseurs said it, this season the sandals will surprise us, and not because they are new and extravagant models, rather they are the usual ones, but because of the so peculiar companion they have, the socks.

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Yes, you read correctly, this spring and this summer you will see and many sandals from all sides combined all with long, short, colorful socks, with moles, tassels … It all depends on the occasion, how you are going to mix them and with what.

If you look closely, fashion advances and evolves and makes it in favor of our needs being one of the comforts. So we have the medium -heeled sandals, the sensible high-heeled shoes and now the sandals to wear with socks, what will be next?

Ideas to wear sandals with socks

You can wear, and this is ideal if you’re looking for a chic look, midi heel sandals finished in a point with fine plaid socks, do not be afraid to mix them with your dress pants and your silk blouse.

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Another option, perfect for a casual style, is to put on some sandals like always, pull on the empire, buckle and square heel, with high socks that are clearly visible, so you just have to look colorful as you can not. We warn you, you will be the center of all eyes.

They say that the color yellow is the color of spring, so if you’re thinking the same as us, it’s that you have in mind some yellow socks with flat platform sandals.

Do not the tones so bright and vibrant go completely? Calmly, combine black sandals with gray low-cut socks, or choose a nude or semi-transparent to wear with gold or silver sandals. Do you already have your favorite combination to wear this spring summer? Protection Status