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The Nantucket District Court has launched court documents in the Kevin Spacey case, including graphic texts between the accuser and his girlfriend on the night in concern.


Spacey’s defense desires the accuser’s iPhone, competing that portions of the text exchange were erased to produce a one-sided variation of occasions on the night in question.

The Nantucket District Court released court documents in the Kevin Spacey case, including graphic texts between the accuser and his girlfriend on the night in question. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The Nantucket District Court launched court files in the Kevin Spacey case, including graphic texts in between the accuser and his girlfriend on the night in question. ( AP Photo/Steven Senne).

The defense has actually looked for to carry out a forensic extraction of information and claimed the entire exchange would clear Spacey of charges.

They stated it would show the interactions between the actor and the then-18- year-old accuser were nothing more than consensual flirting.

Amongst the texts between the accuser and his sweetheart is an exchange in which he said Spacey, the two-time Oscar winner, grabbed his penis 8 times.

The sweetheart said it appeared that Spacey was striking on him, and informed him to have a good time … however not too much.


Accuser: “like he’s hangin around me in the bar. He got my number and asked me to come out with him”

Girlfriend: “are you kidding” “what” “seem like he’s hitting on you”

Accuser: “i think he is” “He’s grabbing my leg and sh–“

Sweetheart: “are you trying to tell me something? Being gay is okay!!!”

Accuser: “I’m not gay” “But I believe spacey is”

Girlfriend: “Hahaha” “Uhg actually so jealous” “Pls take a selfie with him at some point”

Accuser: “No I’m severe no” “Now” “He’s totally gay”

Sweetheart: “Wait what …” “For genuine?”

Accuser: “He’s gotten my d– like 8 times”

Sweetheart: “He’s p– ed I’m texting!”

Accuser: “I informed him I had a gf”


Girlfriend: “I believed you were major” “Making the most of my gullible-ness” uhg haha “Haha tell him the gf states back off” [emoji]

Accuser: “No I’m serious” “He’s gay” “He pulled my zipper down” “And he invited me to his home” “I’ll speak to u later on”

Sweetheart: “What the f– is happening?” [emojis] “Have enjoyable but not excessive enjoyable if you know what I suggest” [emoji]

Accuser: “Jesus Christ he reached down my pants” “Assist” “No this is Kevin ducking spacey” “He’s gay” “Hes buying me yet another drink” “Assist me” “He’s gotten me many” “I’m drunk” “Help” “Molly” “He grabbed my d–” “Keving spacey is gay” “Check snap” “seriously assist” “I’m gon na get he pic” “I got the autographs and a hell of a stout” “Story” “Assist me”

Lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who represents the unidentified guy, told a judge in court files that his cellphone at the time of the supposed incident at the Club Vehicle bar and restaurant in Nantucket, Mass., might not be discovered. The judge at first stated the phone required to be committed the defense by Friday however has actually because extended the deadline to July 8.


The criminal case is the only one brought against Spacey, who has actually been accused of numerous circumstances of sexual misbehavior because2017 Former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh implicated the actor of getting her then-18- year-old kid intoxicated at the island bar where he worked as a busboy and sexually assaulting him.

Spacey has actually rejected the claims and pleaded innocent to indecent attack and battery charges.

Fox News’ Tamara Gitt added to this report.

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