Marco Bitran’s Boat Sailing Experience in Boston

There are a great deal can be made and be savored at the Boston Harbor Islands. It would be fantastic in case you have your boat to take advantage of the harbor has. At downtown Boston, there are boat ramps readily available when you visit . That may be your starting place at the harbor. While cruising the peninsulas or the diverse islands, you get to see the gorgeous sights of the harbor. Public mooring places can be taken advantage also in the harbor.

Marco Bitran is one of the people in Boston who began sailing as a leisure activity he liked. Your sailing skills will be enhanced while developing your skills. Additionally, you will learn and enjoy water sports like kayaking and windsurfing even you are only here for a limited time. 

When you get to be a skilled sailor and one of the members of Boston sailing club, you will get the chance to race. Just lately, Marco Bitran sailed together with the Griffin, a soling boat kind. There were almost 20 boats that took part in the competition and Marco Bitran placed 8th.

Informal races are common in the Harbor Islands. Joining is not really difficult considering that all different types of boats are welcome. Skippers decide what course to take and this is decided during their meeting.

The Race: How to Join in Boston 

As a skipper of the boat, you have to plan to register to that competition on that day. The organizer of the race can assist you with your crew problem if you don’t have them. If you want to be a crew instead, notify the organizer of your goal so they can put you in contact with the skipper of the boat. In the case where the skipper didn’t get in touch with you, do not worry because the organizer will place you on the “Wants to Crew” list. Don’t worry, the organizer will get you aboard on a racing boat. They will try to find means.

Marco Bitran Started in Community Boating in his Youthful Days

As a kid, Marco Bitran mastered and developed his skills in sailing back on his days at the Community Boating, Inc. (CBI). Among the sailing centers in Boston, it’s the oldest which was founded in 1946. Its mission statement is ” Sailing for All”. The center caters water sports to the people of Boston no matter what their ages and abilities.

Boston Sailing Center 

Marco Bitran is a right now a good member at the Boston Sailing Center. It’s not only memberships of the club that this club does but classes on sailing also. There are available choices for club memberships. What boat you would like to have or already owned may determine your membership. Aside from the individual lessons you could benefit from, there are general lessons you can enroll in. This includes basic sailing abilities. For individuals who want to be here in Boston for couple of days only, there are instructional programs created. Even if you will stay in Boston for a shorter time, there are still options. Having private lessons could be one of the proven approaches to kick-start the development of your sailing abilities.

Naturally, we want the first sailing trip to be perfect. A good experience will make a difference and will be decisive for the second to exist. That is why it is important to prepare well before spending a few days aboard a sailboat and leave as little place as possible to improvisation. In our previous article we told you how we prepared the boat before starting any crossing. In this we want to give you some tips to face your first sailboat trip feeling safe without leaving loose ends.

Luggage on board

A sailboat can offer many amenities, but the first thing to keep in mind is that it is a small space that, in addition, we will share with more people. Therefore it is advisable to carry only what is strictly necessary and do it in a sports bag that can be folded. In fact, for safety and to facilitate stowage, it is always preferable to avoid suitcases with wheels or that are rigid.

At this point it is worth mentioning the importance of order during navigation. That everything is in place, both inside and on the deck of the sailboat, is necessary to ensure a smooth and incident-free trip of any kind.

Clothes and shoes

Depending on the time in which we schedule our trip we will have to choose warm clothes (thermal garments, insulators, etc.) or summer clothes (swimsuit included). Anyway, even in summer we cannot trust each other. The temperature drops a lot during night navigation, so always incorporating warm clothes is a good idea. There are certain elements that are essential regardless of the time of the year.

A light raincoat. Although meteorology will be taken into account when designing the crossing, it is possible to encounter some unexpected situations. A downpour can always surprise us, because nature is capricious.

Appropriate footwear to navigate. Above all on deck we will need footwear that provides protection, support, comfort and adhesion (perfect for that of white rubber sole with relief); and preferably, of materials that dry quickly.

Hygiene, health and environmental care

The philosophy of Puidemar marries environmentalism and environmental care. We cannot forget at any time that we will be in a natural environment in which we are only guests. Do not lose sight of this idea when boarding hygiene products or detergents. We must choose those that are not polluting or harmful to the sea .

As for health, there will always be a basic first aid kit on the sailboat , but if you need any specific medication, don’t forget to take it with you. It happens the same with sunscreen. Regardless of the time of the year in which we make our trip, a cream to repel solar radiation will always be our best ally. Protection Status