New ChatEngine Plugin: Muter for Chat Safety and Moderation

We’re excited to announce the latest plugin to hit our ChatEngine plugin library – Muter, which allows users in a chatroom to silence or block other users.

This is especially important in a day and age of anonymous trolls and Internet bullies. Chat users need the fine-grain capability to control who can send them messages and who can’t, so Muter functionality is a must-have for chat rooms of any size, whether it’s a 1:1 chat in a dating app, or a chat feed to compliment a live video feed with thousands of participants.

Fostering a Safe Chat Environment

Allowing users to manage their own conversations, and giving yourself fine-grain admin capabilities, is essential for chat apps today.

Muting and Blocking

Users expect a number of different ways to control who can send them chat messages and who can’t. This ranges from temporary muting, all the way to a permanent block. Additionally, if the user wants to mute an entire channel (chat room), they can do so as well.

Intelligent Auto-moderation

Beyond giving the individual user the ability to manually mute and unmute other users, there are a number of other moderation tools at your disposal, particularly through PubNub Blocks, pre-built, integratable 3rd party services.

Blocks, which run on PubNub Functions, serverlessly analyze and augment messages being sent between chat users, and take action on those messages.

Our SiftNinja Block analyzes chat messages for a number of different criteria – vulgarity, bullying, racism, fighting, and more, and will automatically block offending messages from being received. It also includes different levels of filtering, from mild to severe, letting you set how moderated you want the chat. And our Neutrino Profanity Filter Block detects profane words and automatically censors them on the fly.

Getting Started with the Muter Plugin and Moderation Blocks

Implementing ChatEngine plugins is easy!

  1. Head over to our full tutorial on integrating Muter into your chat app with ChatEngine.
  2. For implementing Blocks, check out our Functions documentation and Blocks Catalog.

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