Poshmark data breach: Style marketplace states a hacker got to individual info

An information breach is dampening the enjoyable at Poshmark, the social-fueled online fashion market known for its virtual “live” parties The company disclosed yesterday that an unapproved celebration got to its servers and swiped users’ personal information, consisting of full names, usernames, hashed passwords, gender, and cities of residence. The hacker also stole user e-mails and social media profile info from users who got in touch with Poshmark on social networks. To rub salt in the wound, clothes size preferences were also stolen.

In a article and a security notification published on its site, Poshmark did not reveal when the breach occurred or when the business discovered it. It did, however, state that no monetary information or physical addresses were taken in the current breach. Poshmark believes that passwords were not compromised, as they were rushed when swiped, and says the information breach was restricted to the U.S. Change your passwords anyhow (but not to one of these).

” We take the trust you have put in us incredibly seriously, and considering that knowing of this event, we have actually broadened our security measures even further,” Poshmark’s statement read. “We’ve performed an internal examination, maintained a prominent security forensics firm, and have actually carried out enhanced security measures across all systems to help prevent this type of event from happening in the future.”

Poshmark isn’t the first online style retailer to be hacked– that ignominious honor goes to SHEIN, which revealed last year a comparable security breach where a hacker took the information of 6.42 million users. According to ZDNet, that stolen data has been offered and is appearing online Cool.

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