Receiving love

Be open to receiving love. Ask us to help you with this. The more you open to love the better your life and relationships become. 


It is hard for anyone to really love you when you don’t love yourself as you should.

You send the energetic message that you are faulty and attract people who also believe they are faulty. 


This is not a good combination. Much better to allow self love and then attract someone who also has healthy self love. These relationships are more rewarding than you can ever imagine.


The same theory applies to the work you do. Many people move from job to job hoping each move will bring happiness. They miss the point that happiness comes from within. A new job may bring short term happiness but without the inner work they quickly return to the same emotional state.


The more self love you have the easier it is to allow yourself to do work that you love.

It is possible to be blissfully happy in both relationships and work.

We are not saying that life becomes perfect, more that you handle it better and find it easy to do only what is truly in your best interests. 


You are not faulty. You are magnificent and perfect in every way. Find a way to connect to us and work with us towards healthy self love. Then watch your life change for the better.

So much is possible.

Your options are limitless when you really allow yourself to receive. 

Source: Happybubble
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