Rocket by Etherparty is Nearly Here!

Introducing the easiest way to launch a token offering.

The eagerly anticipated launch of Rocket is upon us.

Get your blockchain project funded and off the ground with Etherparty’s flagship software product, Rocket, an all-in-one ICO creator designed for enterprising entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners that does not require any programming experience whatsoever.

An early screen of the home of Rocket by Etherparty, 🚀

Rocket’s intuitive interface and guided, user-friendly process is tailored to the entry-level customer especially those relatively new to the space. The objective is to reduce, if not eliminate entirely, the high barrier of entry into the blockchain industry and its most exciting applications — smart contracts and initial coin or token offerings.

Rocket users will follow a step-by-step process that will take them through creating their own token and crowdsale contract for launching on Ethereum’s network or Bitcoin’s blockchain, via Rootstock. A Rocket representative will be available to assist with any questions or inquiries throughout the entire process in order to ensure everything is as seamless as possible.

Filling out information to input into the smart contract is as easy as entering data into respective fields. Users will be able to set their own token supply, enter custom pricing rounds, sort out post-sale distribution and more via Rocket.

Rocket’s crowdfund creation workflow.

All active coin or token offerings will be placed in Rocket’s Marketplace, a marquee feature of the platform. The Marketplace will be the hub for all blockchain projects listed with Rocket and provides all necessary elements any coin or token sale page should have, most especially security.

If you are interested in launching your own cryptocurrency and crowdfunding campaign, discover how at

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