Roller Skating Federation of India in the mire of Nepotism?

by P.S Sreejeet

We are living in a country called India where every Indian dreams to make his /her country proud. So, what if the termite called Nepotism creeps in? Yes, the word Nepotism has been used in many sports and especially in those sports where lucrative money and benefits are involved. Well our readers are smart enough to guess the sport we are talking about.

As the entire country is celebrating Virat Kohli’s 10,000 International runs there will be many skaters who will be repenting and cursing their own fate and the reason is Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) and their insipid behavior. According to Fisto’s sources in the Federation, the 7 member skating squad (Inclusive of 2 Officials ) selected for 2018 World Skate Park World Championship to be held in Nanjing China from 29th of October till 3rd November is purely without any proper procedure and selection trials. The world championship will be the initial seeding event for 2019 season of Olympic Skateboarding Qualification leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

So, how RSFI can take this quintessential event so lightly which can apparently impact India’s chances of Olympic qualification?

In this regard we spoke to Tulsi Ram Agarwal, President, RSFI and he said and I quote ‘We got to know about the participation very late so were in a hurry to select the team. These kids are very talented. Himanshu Sharma is also there in the squad who has also represented India in the Asian Championship held in South Korea. We organized a selection trial in Saket, Delhi to select the team which was held on 20th of October � unquote.

Can you select a squad for this important World Championship in a day? Well readers, if you are thinking that they might be having super selectors in the administration. May be, Yes!  Or was this selection an eyewash? Questions of this sort started to pop up in our mind, But what came next from our honorable President of RSFI was shocking for any sport lover. When asked about selection, he said ‘Well there were many talented players who were left out because of passport issues. Players who were not having passports were omitted and those whose passports were not renewed were also not selected’.

This lame excuse from the top boss actually questions the ability of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and of course the Ministry of Home affairs. The Championship is starting from 29th of October and  the Federation had good 7 days’ time. The RSFI could have easily sorted the passport issue had they shown alacrity to select the best team.  So who is to be blamed!, The hapless players who didn’t have passport, RSFI (Who were clueless) or the Sports Ministry/ministry of home affairs?

This is not for the first time that RSFI is coming under scanner. On 24th of October, In a facebook post Asian Skateboarding Federation manifested RSFI’s cluelessness and their ignorance in selection. Asian Skateboarding Federation said and I quote ‘ Roller Sport association should take note and send the right skaters to the championship-not just send skaters ‘because you can’. work with the existing skateboarding pioneers and top skateboarder in India’ Unquote.

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The Roller skating federation of India have selected these 2 kids to represent India in the Olympics. Again, this…

Posted by Asian Skateboarding Federation on Tuesday, October 23, 2018



Readers its up to  you to decide what is wrong and who is responsible for this. Any how we won’t stop from wishing Asha Gond, Kyra Roy, Adiwashi Arun Kumar, Shivam Balhara and Himanshu Sharma all the very best for the World Championship as they are representing our very own country India.



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