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The most talked-about baseball moment from Sunday came not on the field however after the post-game news conference at Wrigley Field. Mets supervisor Mickey Callaway cursed at Newsday press reporter Tim Healey and ordered him tossed out, and pitcher Jason Vargas needed to be physically limited from pursuing the reporter, reports the Daily News “I’ll knock you the f– out, brother,” Callaway informed Healey prior to colleagues Carlos Gomez and Noah Syndergaard separated the guys. No word on any possible penalty from the league yet, but the Mets provided an apology, and group Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon called Healey personally to apologize, per Newsday The odd part of the entire mess is that it didn’t followed Healey asked a pressing question but when he stated to Callaway, “See you tomorrow, Mickey” as they passed each other in the clubhouse.

Callaway– who had actually just been grilled in the post-game news conference about utilizing a reliever who quit a huge house run– obviously took it the incorrect way and started fuming and cursing. Healey says Callaway left the space, only to return and go back at it. “I could not confidently inform you precisely what he stated, however he stated, ‘You know we’re going to remain in a tiff after a loss,’ or something like that,” recounts Healey, who states he tried to explain he was merely saying he ‘d see Callaway tomorrow. He says Callaway responded by ordering, “‘ Get this man out of here,’ and that got the attention of Jason Vargas.” Vargas (who was not included in Sunday’s loss to the Cubs) released his hazard to knock out the press reporter and took a couple of steps towards the press reporter prior to others stepped in. (Check out more New York Mets stories.)

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