Self Love

The first place to look for love is inside yourself.
Lack of self love is the cause of so many of the issues your planet struggles with.
Many look externally for love and are then angry and empty because they discover that nothing external can fill the void.
The emptiness can only be remedied from within.
Once you have a healthy level of self love you can do so much for others, without looking for validation from them in return.
With strong self love you are no longer dependent on others for your self esteem.
This is a burden that others feel although they may not know what it is.
This is too greater burden to put on others as it is impossible for them to meet.
They then feel they have let you down, again, without knowing why, or even that, this is what they are feeling.
All individuals are responsible for only themselves.
When we take full responsibility for ourselves we can then truly give freely to others without expectation or burden on them or ourselves.
Self love sets you free.
Free from searching, free from emptiness, free from self imposed obligation, free from unconsciously burdening others, free from self punishment and finally free to love others in a healthy way.
Learning to love yourself is the most important thing you can do in your life.
When a soul returns home having accomplished self love there is much rejoicing here.
The angels sing, the trumpets play. High fives abound for this is truly something to celebrate.

Source: Happybubble
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