Share My Tesla? That’s just crazy!

Tesla is one of the most innovative and exciting car manufacturers around and they’ve paved the way for an EV revolution – doing what many car makers have failed to do before them and made electric cars ‘cool’ again.

With a range of fantastically designed EV models on offer, Tesla has made viable EV options accessible to a mass market.

If you own your own model; whether it’s the Tesla Model S or the Tesla Model X, you’re probably environmentally conscious and concerned about your carbon footprint. With this in mind, sharing your Tesla with other EV enthusiasts can be a great way to get others involved in new green tech and let someone else utilise it when you’re not.

Gone are the days where everyone wanted to own their own car. Customers are more environmentally conscious, concerned with green issues, and it’s making less economic sense to own a car. That being said, ownership is still popular, so why not combine these two trends and come up with a working solution for both parties.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done at 3F EV. With our car sharing scheme, we offer a tantalising proposal for people to dip in and out of driving a Tesla vehicle on-demand.

We asked recent 3F EV Car Share users of their experience in the scheme.

Why did you choose to Car Share?

“I was keen to earn some extra money when I wasn’t using my Tesla, and I also wanted to let others enjoy the motoring experience of an electric car� Nick Wooley; Runs a company that builds software to help Electric Vehicles charge with low-cost green electricity.

“I was planning on renting out my Electric Vehicle via other rental sites. However, I was not able to get insurance and the rental return wasn’t generous enough to cover the depreciation of the Electric Vehicle� Ling Li; A computer programmer and into new tech, especially if it involves reducing CO2 and burning of fossil fuels.

“A strong interest in Teslas made me want to rent an Electric Vehicle first and then join the 3F EV scheme� Matt Cleevely; A qualified electric vehicle technician with a strong interest in Teslas.

“Matt Cleevely initially recommended the idea of Car Share to me. I wanted to rent my Tesla out for wedding hires and for when I am abroad� Paul Tucker; A Doctor in Nuclear industry, interested in low carbon, low emission, and renewable energy

Why did you choose 3F EV?

“Local, friendly, very transparent and fair about how much I would get paid. I spoke with a couple of other companies, who were less keen on equitably sharing the rental proceeds� Nick Wooley.

“I chose 3F EV through a recommendation from another Electric Vehicle owner (Nick) who was already renting out his car out through 3F EV � Ling Li.

Matt Cleevely chose 3F EV as he was very impressed by Shaun from 3F EV’s professionalism and service that he wanted to work with us.

Paul Tucker chose 3F EV through a referral from Matt. Paul rented a Tesla from 3F EV before he bought his own, and was impressed by the service. He found renting from 3F EV cheaper to insure on an ad hoc basis instead of paying for his own rental.

How did the first rental go?

“The first rental went great! 3FEV kept me well informed, and the car was returned as planned at the end of the period. Payment was also very quick.� Nick Wooley

Matt Cleevely was very happy with his first booking rental. He was impressed by the way the car was collected and how the car was returned. He felt the way 3F EV handled him and the customer was easy and personalised to his needs.

Paul Tucker said, “The Rental went very well, I felt like my car was looked after and respected by 3F EV and the customer.�

How do you feel about Car share now?

When asked about Car Share, Nick Wooley said “ Happy to help whenever my car is needed!�

Ling Li said “It’s good to be able to share out the usage of my Tesla as I don’t always drive it. I love the personal communications I have with 3F EV. It would be good to be able to have some sort of shared calendar system.�

Matt Cleevely said, “I feel proud that I am able to deliver the same experience to others that I received from 3F EV.�

“I am happy to use Car Share again, especially when I am not using my car or when I am away on holiday� Paul Tucker.

What do you think the future for car sharing holds?

“Car sharing will be part of our future. However, my experience has made me realise that we often all need cars at the same time e.g. at Christmas, or during the summer holidays, so I think there will inevitably be some level of car ownership that still remains� Nick Wooley.

“I strongly believe in a more sharing economy. The rental system offers people who might not normally be able to drive such a state of the art machine for pretty reasonable prices. Meanwhile, for the owner’s it can help them to spread out their costs of owning a Tesla� Ling Li.

“Electric sharing is the way forward; it may take time for people to get used to the idea, but it is the future� Matt Cleevely.

“Car Sharing is most likely to grow more and more in years to come� Paul Tucker.

What’s Next?

If you’ve got a Tesla Model S or Model X then we’d love to hear from you and invite you to be part of our sharing scheme. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll take you through the simple and hassle-free process and then we’ll take care of the rest.

You can then add your Tesla vehicle to our fleet and enable others to enjoy the unique and ground-breaking driving experience delivered by the EV model.

Get in touch with our experienced team to hear more, explore your options and add your vehicle to our sharing pool.

Contact Us.

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