#SocialSpeak: Easy and Simple Ways to Keep Your Content Alive

In a minute, an overwhelming number of users log into their various social media accounts but why does it seem like our work is not being seen or shared by many?

A recent article stated that in 60 seconds there are 973,000 logins on Facebook, 4.3 million video views on YouTube, 174,000 users scrolling on Instagram, 481,000 tweets sent, and 2.4 million Snaps created! Can you imagine that kind of activity in just a minute?

Even with the humongous number of active users, this study shows us that the number of average content shares on social media platforms dropped almost 50% in the last few years. Part of the drop is because of changes to the Instagram and Facebook algorithm. However, whatever the reason may be, we have summarised a few tips to help you push your content out for more people to see.

Reshare youR content

One thing you can start doing is sharing your content more than once. Let us say you’ve written and perfectly created riveting post and everything in it sounds and looks great, however, once you finally post it on your social media channels it does not get much attention. What you can do is wait a few days and reshare your post and remind people to check it out. You can even share it more than once every few weeks or months – as long as it is still relevant – and that will definitely boost the number of views and shares your post will get.

This is also beneficial when you have an active campaign or competition happening. When you reshare a previous content post, your followers will see what’s happening or will understand how to participate and stay active on your page.


Link relevant posts

Another way you can have an already published post viewed by more people and get more shares, is by linking it to a current post you want to publish. Referring to an old post and hyperlinking it to a new post will have your followers clicking on it to see what you previously wrote and what they seemed to have missed. Always including a Call To Action (CTA) is a great way to end your posts and redirect people to your website.


Get employees involved

Another tip is, to start asking your colleagues and the employees in your establishment to share the content you are publishing. Most employees follow their company’s social media pages, so it would be a big advantage and very helpful if they start getting active. When employees start sharing company posts on their personal social media accounts, and liking and commenting on them, that will certainly succour getting the content out to more people, and just with that step, the number of shares the content gets, will instantly double.


Invest, invest, invest

The more you invest the more your content stands out and the more people it reaches. After selecting and really understanding your target market and their interests, you need to plan the aesthetics. That is when you create your budget and you invest smartly. Try new types of ads and new approaches to see what really works for you and your brand.

Additionally, there is so much more to advertising than having awesome content. In fact, before completely concentrating on your content, you need to invest. Media buying has become an essential tool across social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Boosting posts has the advantage of maximising reach and engagement for paramount exposure.


Don’t ask for attention

It should be kept in mind that due to the change in algorithms, content by companies and brands are being pushed aside to give emphasis on content by family and friends. Now, even if you do spend money on ads there are a list of rules that must be followed to get your content out to the right audience. Following old trends like asking followers to like and comment on post is not as effective and helpful as it once was. Content needs to always be free from false information and they should not include click-bait. Content should be very natural and interesting, enabling people to engage in a meaningful discussion over it.


And there you have it! Five easy ways to get your content out to a larger audience! Keep an eye out for next week’s edition of #SocialSpeak to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media updates and tips.




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Source: Social Networking the Past Present and Future

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