#Socialspeak: Instagram, the One-Stop Shop Powerhouse

As was reported by #SocialSpeak, Instagram has expanded their applications’ services to include a platform for lengthier videos. Previously, users were able to upload videos of up to a minute in length. Just this last month, users are now able to post vertical videos of up to an hour long. The feature is built into their application, and can be found on the top right of your screen, the icon being a little television. It is also a stand-alone app that users can access independently from the Instagram application. “IGTV is Instagram’s first foray into long-length videos and according to Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, it was made to be simple.�

The way IGTV works is quite similar to their most recent algorithm. Once the app (or in-app page) is opened, users will be shown a video that Instagram thinks they would enjoy. Whether you are following the account where said video comes from or not, there will be a designated channel ready for you, based on your interests. “As soon as users open the app, a video will start to play, not unlike turning on an actual TV. Users will automatically be shown content Instagram believes they’d be interested in, and the platform will deduce that utilizing a mix of interest targeting and content from pages they file.� The different channels can be found on the bottom third of the IGTV screen, where you can scroll through more recommended videos, or look through the posts coming from your following list.

This exciting move by Instagram brings brands a step closer to accessing their following, and by providing them with a casual platform such as Instagram, they have the opportunity to share valuable content that is longer. Further, with its algorithm, there is more outreach from corporations to their customers. IGTV will personally escort you to a curated selection of videos.

If this doesn’t excite you, you can easily turn off the IGTV notifications in the settings section found on your own profile’s page.

TechCrunch also breaks it down for us, as they report on a video group chat feature, which takes a hit at Snapchat. You can call anyone through the direct messages tab, and with a group option, it’s always a party! The maximum number of users in a single call is 4. “One cool feature of Instagram video calling is that you can minimize the window and bounce around the rest of Instagram without ending the call. That opens new opportunities for co-browsing with friends as if you were hanging out together.�

In other IG news, stories are now more accessible through a feature which allows you to pin stories that you have been tagged in onto your own profile. If you’ve been tagged in someone else’s story, there is an option for you share it as a sticker in your story. “Now, when users mention you in a public story, you’ll see a blue “Add This to Your Story� prompt above the image you’ll be sent through private message.� By generating more traffic surrounding a single post, users are able to access wider audiences.

And the final update in this wave of updates is for the shopaholics! You can now shop on the gram! Businesses just made accessing their products that made easier for Instagram users with shoppable tags on their stories. “When users see a shoppable tag in a story, they’ll see a shopping bag icon, an image of the product, and a “See details� note. When clicked, this will take them to the product page, which will include price and description.� This feature provides HUGE potential for the one-stop search and shop that many shoppers are finding as the simplest way to make a purchase. Although this feature is still being tested, and not all brands can access it, it looks like it’s going to be greatly utilized!

Instagram has achieved great success in their public reach, as it has become the main social media platform for many individuals. With these updates, they are only furthering their successes.


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