Staying bright

Stay as happy and detached from others moods as you can.

Imagine yourself in your own little happy bubble, unaffected by anything going on around you.

Remember that those around you have their own lessons to learn. You do not need to be affected by them.

You actually help them by staying at your own vibration.

You help no-one by lowering your vibration for them or in reaction to them.

Do things that help keep your energy bright.

Eat healthily. Sleep well. Spend time outside. See good friends. Read a book.

Watch a film. Exercise. Meditate. Sing. Smile. Dance.

Hold your favourite crystal. Cuddle your pet. Hug someone you love.

Ask us to help you maintain your vibration.

Ask to be more aware when your vibration has dropped.

Intend to hold your vibration more and more each day.

We are, as always, here to help.

Source: Happybubble
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