Staying in divine light

Staying in divine light takes awareness.

Awareness to notice when you are not in divine light and taking the corrective action.

You feel so much better in divine light.

Life is light and easy.

When your vibration drops, stop for a minute and consciously reconnect to us.

We are always here but you are not always “plugged in to us�.

We are but a thought away.

Set the intention to be in divine light at all times.

This is when you begin to allow what you will view as miracles.

You will think that life could not possibly get any better.

We assure you it will.

When you reside in divine light you have a divine life.

This is what the expression heaven on earth refers to and also the term enlightenment.

We radiate complete and unconditional love for you.

Allow yourself to feel it.

The journey to a joyous, miraculous life starts in divine light.

We are overjoyed to be assisting you on this path.

Source: Happybubble
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