Taking health care reform to the election booth

KFF Health Tracking Poll

Conducted July 17-22, 2018

Thinking about the upcoming election, is a candidate’s position on “passing a national health plan in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan, or Medicare-for-all” the single most important factor in your vote, very important but not the most important factor, one of many factors you’ll consider, or not an important factor in your vote?

12% – Single most important factor
37% – Very important, but not the most important factor
29% – One of the many factors you’ll consider
21% – Not an important factor in your vote
2% – Don’t know/Refused



Morning Consult + POLITICO National Tracking Poll

Conducted July 19-23, 2018

How important of a priority should each of the following be for Congress? Passing a healthcare reform bill

55% – A top priority
25% – An important, but lower priority
6% – Not too important a priority
5% – Should not be done
9% – Don’t know/No opinion


In the Kaiser poll over three-fourths say that a single government plan or Medicare-for-all should be considered or is very important or the single most important factor in the upcoming election. In the Morning Consult/POLITICO poll three-fourths say that passing a health care reform bill is an important or top priority, with over half saying it is a top priority.

As a topmost priority, generic health care reform seems to have greater support than a single government plan or Medicare for all, but both concepts do have three-fourths majority support. That’s enough to make legitimate health care reform a litmus test in the coming election, and what could be more legitimate than an improved Medicare for all? Let’s get the word out.

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Source: Finance Solidaire

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