Tan France reunites with Hasan Minhaj to tear apart his attire

By Amanda Yeo

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Netflix’s Patriot Show Hasan Minhaj— and the one year anniversary of their extremely amusing styling session going viral— the show’s host subjected his sartorial options to the analysis of Queer Eye‘s style expert Tan France once again.

The pair also exposed what became of the remarkable tiger-faced coat they chose out together, which never ever appeared on the program.

What did appear, nevertheless was an abundance of sweatshirts.

” My god, you use a great deal of sweaters,” France let loose, after Minhaj informed him to be honest. “And it looks like you’ve got one in every colour.”

Minhaj did try to mix it up a bit, proudly pointing to an outfit involving a set of “jazzy” pants. Unfortunately France disliked them. “Do you understand that term you taught me? It was, uh, ‘fuckboy’.”

Luckily France blessed Minhaj with several style ideas for the future, and promised to style him once again quickly.

” So last time I was simply fucking around, I would never ever put you in half of that things,” stated France.

” This time we’re not playing. Like, if we do it I wish to put you crazes that I genuinely would put you in.”

Which only raises more concerns about that tiger jacket.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj returns to Netflix on November 10.

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