Tesla’s Coolest Features

As if paving the way in electric vehicle design wasn’t cool enough, here at 3F EV we wanted to take a look at some of Tesla’s coolest features, that are well-worth getting in a spin about.

EVs are officially all the rage – gone are the days of clunky, unfashionable cars that you wouldn’t want to be seen next to, let alone driving in. Lots of work and development has gone into make EVs, Tesla especially, roadworthy and an excellent, stylish driving experience for consumers.

Let’s look at some of the latest Tesla vehicles’ coolest features:

Advanced Parking Sensors

Parking can be a tough skill to master and some people manage to navigate their life by avoiding parallel parking altogether! Well, the Advanced Parking Sensors in Tesla vehicles can help drivers to master the art of parking perfectly. Parking sensors aren’t unusual in other vehicles, but it’s the sophistication of the Tesla sensors that makes them stand out from the rest. The superior user design and tech that’s used to communicate to a driver when they’re dangerously close to another car is state-of-the-art.

Ludicrous Mode

The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous and Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous have possibly the most-talked about Tesla trait which is the adequately named Ludicrous speed mode. When drivers want to move to Ludicrous mode, they’ll be cheekily asked if they want to continue with their options being ‘No, I want my Mommy’ or ‘Yes, bring it on’. By selecting yes, drivers will be able to go from standstill to 60 miles per hour in 2.28 seconds driving the Tesla Model S.

17-inch Tablet

Tesla interiors are based around the 17-inch tablet. The well designed, digital functionality in the vehicles gives drivers a seamless, easy way to navigate through features in the car. Temperature control, Autopilot, streaming and web browsing are all possible to interact with through the tablet and the user-friendly software included means that digital novices won’t find it difficult to use. This also makes it simpler for Tesla to upgrade features and provide user updates.


Using the tablet, drivers can trigger the Autopilot functionality in a Tesla. The driver assistance provided can help to control the throttle, brakes and steering in certain scenarios to guide your set course. It can also make lane changes too. It depends on the confidence of the driver as to whether you want to use this feature or not, but if anything, it demonstrates the quality of technology available with a Tesla and the futuristic driving experience you’re investing in.

Electric Vehicle

Overall, by far the coolest thing about driving a Tesla is the electrical capability and the knowledge that you’re being environmentally conscious by driving a car that uses zero fuel and pumps out zero emissions. EVs really are the future and they’re at the cutting edge of car manufacturing and design – driving a Tesla puts you at the forefront of EV tech and getting to grips with an electric driving experience gets you used to the features included and EV functionality.

If you’re interested in driving a Tesla and enjoying the driving experience for yourself, get in touch with our experienced team at 3F EV today.

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