Tesla’s top 5 most common objections and 3FEV’s response

There are lots of misconceptions floating around about EVs – trust us, we’ve heard a lot of them. Here at 3F EV, we think a lot of this is to do with early vehicles that were released and not fit for purpose and didn’t seem to fit into the average person’s lifestyle very well.

By being introduced to EVs and the tech behind them in their very earliest form, the basic imagery and information has stuck around for a lot of consumers and some have negative views.

The fact is that EV technology has progressed at a rapid speed and there are now a wide range of models to choose from in the marketplace.

Let’s look at a few common objections:

Too Expensive to Buy

It’s true that early EV models were experimental and new, so naturally the prices were very high if you wanted to get your hands on one. They seemed like more of a futuristic addition, instead of something that was actually practical to drive.

As with traditional cars, the biggest manufacturing cost is the engine, and this is the same for EV’s but instead of an engine its a battery, as batteries continue to be produced and refined the price has come down and will continue to do so for a predicted 7 years. Most big car manufacturers are futureproofing their brands by creating and investing in EVs, so with this heightened research and development budget, prices are already much more reasonable. And there are government grants that go towards purchase too.

At 3F EV, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to drive an EV in a financially responsible way that works for you. You can rent a Tesla as and when you need it or join our exclusive Tesla Members Club for on-demand access, It’s up to you!

Not very Stylish

Early EV models didn’t look very attractive, as manufacturers were getting to grips with the technology behind them and had to make compromises in the design of the vehicle. There weren’t many incentives to buy an EV when they didn’t look very ‘cool’ or appealing to buyers interested in the superficial.

It’s difficult to look at a Tesla and not find it unfathomably cool. Elon Musk has become a cult figure in his own right and a truly innovative personal brand and the same can be said for the Tesla. The design and aesthetics are sublime and each model isn’t out of place next to some of the well-designed models in the market.

You can’t drive very far

Not very long ago, EVs wouldn’t be able to take you very far without needing to be charged for hours on end, which isn’t very practical for drivers.

In the design process, EVs have vastly improved in terms of the range that they can cover before needing to be charged. The Tesla vehicles that we offer have fantastic range, with the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous covering an impressive 381 Miles before charging.

They’re not actually very Green

We can’t think of a better way to start reducing your carbon footprint than driving an EV. With more and more cities and urban environments having dangerous levels of toxicity and air pollution, going green can make a difference.

Pollution is a massive, looming public health issue and with EVs using zero fuel and pumping zero emissions into the atmosphere, so it makes sense to use Tesla as one of the worlds most environmentally conscious companies. We are currently living in the Green Revolution, more and more people are fueling their cars with electric sustainable energy that can be generated through wind, solar and hydro power. None of these methods pump harmful emissions into the atmosphere, because of this it is inevitable that all vehicles will eventually be completely electric, so why not get ahead of the game and rent a Tesla now?  

Nowhere to Charge

Society wasn’t very geared up for EVs a decade ago, but with more electric cars being driven by consumers, this means that there are far more electric chargers available and cities are more prepared for EVs.

You can also request your council to build them nearby or even on your own road and there are government grants to encourage this. Your employer can also receive grants for installing a charger at work. As well as this, you can install your own at home to keep your car charging when you’re not using it.

There aren’t many excuses left not to start driving an EV – they’re cost-effective, practical and ethical! For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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