The End of Flash: What It Means for Your Learning Assets and How to Prepare

With the news that Adobe will stop supporting the Flash Player plug-in at the end of 2020 and browsers disabling it in 2019, training and development teams will need to look to their existing learning assets to determine how much they will be affected.

We’ve created a presentation to help work through the strategy, process, and mobile-first design to address this change.

Next Steps

To effectively minimize the impact these changes will inflict on course libraries and learning assets, consider these next steps:

  • Inventory your courses.
  • Determine your overall strategy and timeline.
  • Consider new modalities in your conversion process that will increase engagement and retention.
  • Plan for mobile learning needs with a responsive design course structure and navigation.
  • Seek guidance on leading strategies that optimize learner experience and make the conversion process seamless.

While converting courseware from Flash to HTML5 might not be what training and development teams want to focus on at the moment, it does create an opportunity to audit courseware and to convert courses using a mobile-first design. Consider asking yourself what courses should be transitioned, which ones should be retired, and which ones should be upgraded.

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