The human body

The human body is heavy on your spirit.

Your spirit is used to soaring in complete freedom.

It takes some getting used to which is why we can move in & out whilst in a womb.

The human birthing process is very shocking to your spirit.

Many babies immediate thought is this is awful, take me home now!

The human journey is not to be undertaken lightly but provides vast opportunity for spiritual growth, which is why it is such a sort after experience, despite how challenging it can be.

Not many souls regret their choice once they return home. There are some who bite off more than they can chew to use a human expression. These souls are healed and many go back into the human experience for a different, more manageable lesson.

There are so many feelings & experiences you can only have in a human body. You will look back in awe of what you have experienced.

When you guide others from this side you will have such empathy & compassion for them.

So many spirits in the human experience miss out on the depths of joy you can feel and how it can be sustained. They come home & wish they had known when they were there.

Love your human body and look forward to all the wonderful experiences yet to come.

We love you all so very much.

Source: Happybubble
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