The people you attract

You attract people with an energy that you are familiar with. It is what you know. You know how these people think and behave. It is safe as it is predictable.

This is also a reflection of your self worth. You believe that you deserve no better.

This is not true. You have much to offer.

You will keep attracting the same type of people energetically until you improve your self worth.

Affirm to yourself that you are worthy of attracting the type of person you want.

Be very clear about the characteristics of the person you want to attract.

How old are they? Are they selfless, kind and compassionate? Do they work? How much do you want them to earn? What type of work will they do? How do you want to feel about them? How do you want them to feel about you?

Are there things from your past that need to be healed before you can bring this person in?

Spend some time with yourself and ask us for help to resolve any issues that are blocking the right person coming into your life.

You will know immediately when you are beginning to attract people of a higher energy as it will be energy you are not overly familiar with. This will be a good thing. Please resist the impulse to go back to what is familiar.

In order for life to improve we must become ok with the unknown.

Know that you are always safe and very loved.

Your self worth must come from within.

No other person can provide this.

Source: Happybubble
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