The role of creativity & inspiration

Inspiration feeds creativity. It is hard for inspiration to reach you and be heard when your vibration drops. 

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Inspiration is like a whisper in your mind. It can appear very suddenly and you have no idea where it came from. 
The more work you do to raise your vibration, the more inspired you become. 
Inspiration is a very high vibration. It is an energy of pure joy. We are at our happiest when we are inspired and enthused. It is a living, breathing, joyous energy. 
Creativity is a freedom and form of expression. It allows the individual to clearly express this is who I am.
Many are uncomfortable with this. What if people don’t like my creation? It means they don’t like me. This is not true. Your creations are an expression of you. They are not you. 
It is safe to express. It is ok if others don’t like what you express. Each individual is free to be who THEY are. 
Being individual yet part of the whole is the gift of human life yet many waste this. 
Be inspired, create without fear of judgement. It’s ok to be you. It’s safe to be you. Let others be. Let yourself be. 
Life without creation is not life. It is merely existing. You incarnated to find your way to the best you. 
Creativity is exciting. Those who judge are living in fear. Understand that they would love to create but are too fearful to expose themselves. 
Be inspired, be creative, be you, be free, be spontaneous, be thankful, be sparkling white light, be brave, be ok with being you. 
You are perfect exactly as you are. 

Source: Happybubble
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