The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast: Interview with Userbrain Co-Founder Stefan Rössler

Our Co-Founder Stefan got interviewed by Nathan Latka for The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast. Stefan describes, why Jason Fried inspired him to go the SaaS route, reveals the challenges of running a UX agency next to a software business, and explains why he doesn’t focus on the numbers versus relationships.

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Full Interview

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:48 – Nathan’s introduction to today’s show

01:30 – Why Simplease is still his main focus

02:50 – Why Stefan hasn’t gone all in on Userbrain yet

04:30 – How they launched their agency ten years ago with 4 founders

05:10 – Why he doesn’t focus on the numbers versus relationships

06:30 – How Userbrain starts at $69 per month

07:30 – Why Jason Fried inspired them to go the SaaS route

09:30 – How Userbrain was built to help companies test products with 10k users around the world

11:00 – Why their main focus is helping testers generate income through their app

14:00 – How they serve mostly B2C companies

15:10 – Why Userbrain works with 50-100 customers today

16:15 – How they are still below $30k in MRR right now

17:00 – How Stefan views the decision to focus on the agency versus their SaaS product

17:30 – Why they don’t want to take on investment in the future

20:20 – Stefan Rössler’s favorite business book

22:40 – CEO Stefan Rössler follows

21:00 – Stefan Rössler’s favorite online tool

21:20 – Average hours of sleep per night

21:35 – If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?

About the podcast

The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast has over 3,500,000 listeners who get 15-minute daily income reports from the worlds Top Entrepreneurs and is run by Nathan Latka. Nathan is the Founder and CEO of Heyo.

After selling $70k worth of Facebook campaigns from his dorm room, he dropped out of college and has since raised over $2.5m from a Forbes Billionaire while supporting over 250,000 small business owners as they look to capture emails and drive sales from Facebook.

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