The worst jean trends of 2019 (up until now)


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By Sage Anderson

We regret to notify you that the fashion business has gone too far in2019 Specifically jean fashion, otherwise understood as jashion

Jeans are easy, traditional, and a trustworthy renter of closets everywhere. You can use them any season, any time, nearly anywhere.

But certain clothing lines have actually turned the simple blue jean into their own mad science experiment of tacky awfulness. And who among us has the right to play style god? Definitely not these runway clowns.

Jeans are dead and we’ve killed them. Here are the worst offenders of 2019 (up until now).

1. Janties

You know what lingerie will really spice things up in the bedroom? Not whatever the hell these are. How do your sweaty underbits not get completely and utterly chafed in this junderwear? A reporter at Vogue even phoned a gynecologist whose general agreement was, yeah, please wear a thong with these.

It’s difficult to seem like these $315 French-cut jeans “janties” from Y/Project’s Spring 2019 Collection was not a complete joke. Even if creative intent existed, Twitter lost their mind nonetheless. “As a busy and contemporary profession lady on the go, I never ever leave the home without my powerful Jean Diaper ™” one tweet read

2. Jeans that simply can’t make up their mind

The Jekyll and Hyde of denims, these are a goddamn monstrosity. Designer Ksenia Schnaider’s production has one leg that states “casual coffee date” the another that says “it’s 1994 and I’m in a Jay and Silent Bob film.” We’re begging you to simply pick a side! Both skinny and flared denims have their location, but you’re gon na look like a fool if you pay $377 to keep tripping over only one leg when you try to walk down the street in this little number.

3. The jeans you simply took out of the laundry jeans

How do you put stuff in the pockets??

How do you put stuff in the pockets??

Please, god, no.

Please, god, no.

While we might not have Jaws 19 pertaining to a theater near you, there are a some things that Back To The Future II did somehow properly predict. Inside-out jeans is, regrettably, among those things. Some fashion and news websites enjoy declaring every odd and unusual product of clothes to come off the runway a “trend” that all the kids are absolutely using nowadays. However it’s disheartening to give the official seal of approval that these truly are a trend Some fashion choices ought to be left in the ’80 s version of the 2000 s.

4. Too (lots of) chains

Those chains look like tiny baby snakes clinging to the jeans for dear life. Or sperm. Either way, it's too much.

Those chains look like tiny child snakes sticking to the denims for dear life. Or sperm. Either method, it’s too much.

You know that sensation when you will go bananas stupid in the mosh pit at a metal concert, but your knees are a wee bit chilly? Then, The Ragged Priest Black Label Chain Jeans are the ones for you.

When it pertains to ASOS jeans, I feel like we’re all at the point of shaking our fists and saying, “The number of times do we have to teach you this lesson, old guy?” Their description states both “more is absolutely more” and “for an unfinished finish.” So are these denims extreme, or are they getting rid of jean parts like the TopShop plastic knee jean holes of 2018? This is not Burger King, ASOS! You can not have it both methods!

5. A brand-new type of cleavage jeans

It’s tough to tell what the deeeep V panel on this design’s denims is supposed to be for exactly. Displaying an unfortunately positioned tattoo? Flexing your belly tea abs? What a mystery, undoubtedly.

6. The world’s most useless joveralls





How? How do these jeans keep up without the straps? Where are the straps? For the low, low price of just $189, these Glen Martens denims will have you feeling like a toddler who forgot to bring up their jumper after they went to the potty. Please, grow up and buy yourself some huge individual trousers.

7. Not your grandmother’s denims– oh, wait

🎵 Gonna take my jeans to the old town jeans, I'm gonna jeeeeeeans, till I can't no more 🎵

Gon na take my jeans to the old town denims, I’m gon na jeeeeeeans, till I can’t no more

An extremely cool and attractive look this season is mimicing your granny’s quilted coach cushions. Wrap these bad kids in some plastic, and you’re ready to go.

The “re-purposed mid-century quilt spots” goes perfect with a “simple tank and flat leather shoes,” according to the item description on these B Sides jeans They also go perfect with moth balls, Pioneer Female kitchenware, and getting your horses in the back.

8. Jeans, and aWaAaAaAay!

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[Edna Mode voice] NO CAPES!


Party in the back.

Party in the back.


I’m unsure who is the target market for these $126 Diesel Red Tag x Shayne Oliver denims. They’re referred to as a “a shredded, dystopic Americana remix on classic denim designs,” yet the denims themselves shriek less Mad Max, and more Superman, if his day task was at a BBQ joint.


While the fashion industry might be telling us that whatever from bootcut jeans to low-rise looks are certainly returning this season, close your eyes and cover your ears. Use your common jense( jean sense) in your heart and make the right choices.

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