This drone swarm spray painted a jumbo-size graffiti mural

It’s Friday, so why not watch some excellent old-fashioned drone-powered graffiti? A design firm in Italy has created a charming little program that gathered sketches from the art neighborhood and put them all together in a giant mural, painted over 12 hours by a group of drones.

We’ve seen spray-painting drones before, naturally, but this is far better than the crude vandalism of a fashion billboard or perhaps Disney’s more structured wall illustrations These drones actually put together something worth looking at!


The Urban Flying Opera project was curated by Carlo Ratti Associati, which gathered some 1,200 small illustrations through an app, picking 100 to put together into a single mural. The line drawings were then loaded into a central control computer and painting guidelines communicated to a set of 4 drones equipped with paint cans, which worked over a 12- hour period to put the whole thing together.

drones paintingufo drones

Each drone, offered by Tsuru Robotics (it’s partly a promotion for the company) was running as part of a whole, with numerous position tracking systems ensuring they didn’t inadvertently run into one another. No second possibilities when you’re spray painting a white wall.

The mural is 46 feet large and 39 feet high, and each color layer, laid on independently, represents a different aspect of the neighborhood the job is trying to highlight.

” The city is an open canvas, where people can engrave their stories in lots of methods. Such processes have always been occurring; however, with UFO we tried to accelerate them, utilizing drone innovation to enable for a brand-new usage of painting as a way of expression,” CRA creator Carlo Ratti told New Atlas

It’s still no place near the level of fidelity you see in serious graffiti and street art, however it’s clear that drone-based spray painting is becoming a practical approach instead of a lark. Possibly even future drone-based vandalism will be of greater quality!

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